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Cut & Run by Madeleine Urban
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Jul 14, 2012

it was ok
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Read from July 14 to 18, 2012

Initially, when I was reading, I wanted to give this book 3 stars, but when I finished it I realized that it deserves only 2.


Well, after every major event in the story, I kept expecting that we're finally going to get an amazing mystery or that the romance between two unlikely heroes is going to blow my mind. Sadly, none of those things happened. The potential was there, but it wasn't fulfilled at all.

What makes a great book?
There are a few essential elements: an idea, which is turned into a wonderful story, beautifully written and characters that grab your heart and don't let go. "Cut & Run" has only an idea.

The mystery was quickly pushed to the background, just popping up randomly here and there. The intrigue (and the villain) was so under-developed, that it was easily forgotten. And the pacing of the story? Really bad, so it's no surprise that there was no tension or suspense of any kind. Characters spent more time nursing each other or being nursed back to health, taking a break from the case, thinking about their feelings and doing many boring and unrelated to the primary story things. Quickly I found myself not caring about the mystery due to all the side tracking. It seemed to me that nobody really cared about it, otherwise someone else would have investigated the "Poe" lead (and connected the dots maybe), while the boys were away.

My dissatisfaction was also caused by the fact that I had figured out who the killer was way before it was revealed. If only the author had spent more time and effort on the criminal case, had given us a few potential perps... (view spoiler)

But it could be forgiven if the characters were decent. Let's review: unsympathetic protagonists with confusing motivations, trauma induced personality switches, loads of addictions and self-destructive behaviours. And all that agonizing about their feelings drove me mad! It's not like it was a "Gay for You" situation.

So there they were, conveniently bi, suddenly lusting for each other despite hating each other's guts. It could work, except I couldn't care less, cos neither guy was particulary likable and the transition from haters to lovers was unconvincing. Just as I couldn't connect with the characters, I couldn't feel them connecting with each other. I'd sooner believe that Harry and Marcone had something going on, with all that entertaining banter and begrudging respect!

When I can't relate to characters, no matter how great the plot is (and this one isn't), the book leaves me cold. Sexual attraction I understand, but this sudden love? Not so much. Especially as it only seemed to be a side effect of Ty's concussion which made him behave nice for a change. Sorry, but I'm not buying it at all.

Also, assholes are not cool.

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