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Life Eternal by Yvonne Woon
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Jul 22, 2012

really liked it
Read on July 22, 2012

Definitely better than the first one. It's starts off a month or so after the ending of the first book. Renée is depressed and sad over Dante and what happened. Gottfried is now only open to Undead students and Renée has to go to the sister school, St. Clément, in Montreal. She finds friends Anya and Noah. She gets really interested in the secret of Les Neuf Soeurs. Strange visions lead her to clues about their secret, but it's adding tension to Dante and Renée's relationship. The secret also leads clues to her parents' and friends' deaths and the Liberum. Can Renée find the sisters' secret before someone else does or kills her for it? Can Renée and Dante's relationship last or will someone get in the way?

It was more exciting and action packed than the first one. The only complaint was her annoying grandfather and when people dismissed her concerns so easily.

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Quotes Alexandra Liked

Yvonne Woon
“I now understood that real secrets were lonely. They planted themselves inside of you and expanded, until you felt like that was all you were-a lonely little secret, isolated in your experiences.”
Yvonne Woon, Life Eternal

Reading Progress

07/22/2012 page 26
7.0% "God, her grandfather's annoying! Takes everything so seriously and doesn't tell her a thing!"
07/22/2012 page 37
9.0% "Wish her grandfather would loosen up. Jeez. "Death is your profession now. It's time you accepted that." Has he ever heard of sympathy? God, what happened in his childhood to make him such an @ss. I'd love to slap him."
07/22/2012 page 180
46.0% "I hate it when people don't believe the main character. It's so annoying. She's right and all everybody does is dismiss it and it's freaking annoying!"
07/22/2012 page 294
75.0% "I'm sooo about to slap her grandfather. Why is he so freaking SMALL MINDED?! "I don't think your friend Eleanor would be amused by whatever half-hatched theory you've come up with. So I would suggest you save your childish endeavors for the dormitories." ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? She's closer to solving it them you, old fool!! ARGH!"
07/22/2012 page 299
76.0% "Uh-oh. Trouble in paradise."
07/22/2012 page 303
77.0% "I'm not sure if that was the right thing, sweety. It might come back to bite you..."
07/22/2012 page 306
78.0% "Really? Another possible bad decision? I hate it when characters don't take warnings seriously when they have to do with the paranormal or superstitious."
07/22/2012 page 328
84.0% ""Choices are always easy," Noah said, a hint of spite in his voice. "It's our heads that get us confused.""

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