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Effortless by S.C. Stephens
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WOW! Another FABULOUS book S.C. Stephens!!! Effortless really blew me away! 5 HUGE STARS!!!! (Trust me, if I could give this book a million stars, I would) In this sequel to Thoughtless, Kierra and Kellan finally begin to work out all of the kinks in their relationship, are growing together as a couple, learning from their mistakes, and feeling what it feels like to be absolutely in love, heart and soul. Just as things finally begin to become normal and fall into place, Kellan gets an offer of a life time, an offer Kierra knows she cannot ask him to turn down…no matter how much it hurts. Love is easy…trust is hard.

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For those of us who have read Thoughtless, Kierra and Kellan’s relationship was never easy (and let’s be honest, what relationship is?!) But theirs was exceptionally hard; they started a relationship based on betrayal. They watched each other lie to a loved one; they watched each other sleep with other people, all the while being in love with each other, desperately in love. Watching that sort of betrayal, being a part of it…soured them. They feel as though they’ve been doomed from the beginning, destined to fail and break each other’s heart. Let’s face it; they cannot truly trust each other yet. Effortless was jam packed with emotion, lies, love, and of course, drama!

“I love you more. I love you enough to let you go and live your dream." I tilted my head and shrugged. "Don't you see....? I love you more."He smiled softly and I brushed some hair off his forehead. Running the backs of my fingers down his cheek, I whispered, "And, yes, I will miss you, more than you could possibly imagine, but I know that you have to do this Kellan. And you know it too."
Stubbornly he shook his head. "No, I know that I have to be with you. Everything else is just .... details.”

I really loved the characters in this book. Kierra, at times, a little naïve, insecure, uptight, and shy became the confident little vixen we all knew she was, deep, deep, DEEP down inside. I absolutely LOVED when she got a little tipsy and let go of all of her insecurities and inhibitions! Seriously, some of the hottest and funniest scenes that came out of this book, revolved around Kierra being a little too tipsy! And of course, I can’t forget about Kellan…*sigh* *swoon* Kellan Kyle has become my absolute FAVORITE hero of all time! I just cannot get enough of him! One of my favorite quotes from him was, “..."you finally get it."... ... "get what?"..."That I'm yours... that you can take me... anywhere, anytime, anyway. That you own every peice of me.” *sigh* If that quote doesn’t make you swoon and make your heart melt, nothing will!

I fell in love with Kierra’s older sister, Anna as well. She became one of my favorite characters in this book. As Kierra would say, Anna was the female version of Kellan! Anna relied on her looks and personality to get her trough life, and I must say, it worked for her! Another character that became a favorite of mine…dare I say it… Griffin! Yikes! (I never thought I’d say that!) I really could not get enough of his crude comments and actions oh, and his vulgar language was just the topper on the cake for me! Seriously, the man was a riot, and he really added humor to this book! These two characters, belonged together and I hope there is a future in store for them! *fingers crossed!*

Effortless was utter perfection. I honestly LOVED this book, if someone were to ask me which book I liked more, I think I’d definitely say Effortless. While Thoughtless was a wonderful, heart wrenching book, the kind of book that will stay with me for a lifetime, there was just something about Effortless that I liked even more (which I didn’t even think could be possible!) I think I enjoyed this book more because it was all about Kellan and Kierra working out their relationship, finding trust, and the love and devotion they had for one another. I must say, this book made me all mushy and I truly became a sap while reading this! I loved being a part of the D-Bag world, and I cannot wait to continue my journey with these fabulous characters…I’m sure Reckless will be as much of a brilliant read as Thoughtless & Effortless were!

"Loving you, Kellan, is so easy, it's effortless." *sigh*

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Rachel I am DYING to read this series!!! It seems like everyone loves it!

Kara Omg, this is the only book that's every brought me to tears! Both of joy and sadness, best series I've ever read.

Karla Wonderful review Kara...love the pic too!

Kara Thanks Karla!

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