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The Kronos Interference by Edward       Miller
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Jul 29, 12

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Read from July 21 to 29, 2012

As I start to write this review, I took a look at the synopsis. The first part gives the main plot, the second paragraph is the hard sell promotion as is expected with all books, using words such as "written in the vein of the late Michael Crichton", "fast paced action", "plenty of twists and turns", "impressively original", and "tour de force". So um, may I use that second paragraph as my full review? No? ok..but damn if it isnt far from the truth as this is a superb high octane time travel mystery thriller and yes, it does indeed remind me of the great Michael Crichton but it also has an ambitious science fiction spin that I am sure Arthur C Clark would have approved. There is plenty of science based facts and theories littered in the narrative of course but easily digestible and fascinating enough to find out more about in one's own time.

We mainly follow the journey of a scientist who is roped in by the CIA to investigate a recent discovery of a top secret vessel that exhibits many properties of either alien or future technology. As this is a time travel novel, it comes as no surprise that we find our protagonist jumping back in time. And yes, as the synopsis implies, he tries to kill Hitler before the historical abonimation he causes. Although the synopsis appear somewhat basic and I dare say unoriginal, (how many stories have been written about someone going back in time to kill Hitler?), there is so much more here than just this apparently simple premise. There are several underlying mysteries that keeps you guessing right to the end and it is an intricately woven tapestry of bigger sci-fi elements. The story is so cleverly structured, delightfully intertwining the time travel cause and effects, and is very well thought out.

But its the sheer pace and tension that really makes this a page turner. The protagonist very often finds he has to make difficult moral decisions which adds gravity to the narrative. So good is the editing that at no point did I feel it drag apart from perhaps the ending which I will come to later, no spoilers, promise.

Our time travelling protagonist is one to care and root for, and though some of his actions appear annoyingly naive, his emotional drive compensated to assure my investment. There isnt a lot of fleshing out of characters in this novel, so its not going to win awards for character study and there isnt a great deal of detail on the sideline characters and villains either. However, there are moments of striking emotion when I least expected it plus some exceptional conversational scenes, one in particular involving a very well known historical character, a scene that oozes brilliance.

The book also gives a wonderfully balanced thought provocation of human nature, their worth and your common sci fi religious/political musings. You are never too sure where it stands but you may get a fair idea towards the end leading up to the deliciously complex ending revelations. The end may divide some readers in its ambitious concept but I sure as hell liked it even though it does drag somewhat. I can imagine the difficulty in tightening up the editing here without sacrificing clarity. Still, for me it was still a fascinating ending. It seems there may be scope here for a sequel too, an opportunity to take this story to a more epic scale. If a sequel is written, I would certainly welcome it.

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