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A Touch of Crimson by Sylvia Day
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Jul 15, 12

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This book is like a giant miscommunication and misunderstood pile of goo, for lack of better words. For one thing there's really no evil guy present (as of current book). I mean they just think of each other as evil when they're really not!

In this book you're introduced to three factions, the angels/seraphim, the vampires/fallen and the werewolves/Lycans. There's an angel's special unit called the sentinel who exists to punish other angels who fell in love with mortals. They stripped them off their wings which made them a vampire thus believed to be soulless creatures.

Why the hell is it wrong to love? Why the hell are they believed to be soulless when Syre, the leader of the vampire, until now still grieves for his daughter and wife? And they still mate and love like a normal person... Not like they kill indiscriminately for blood, so why are they still being hunted when I thought their punishment is enough to live as a vampire...? I mean yeah maybe here and there, there are those bad ones but the whole race are being judged as vile. On the other hand, the angels being cold and having no emotion seems like the one who doesn't have a soul. But oh well some of them falls. I really would say, when they become the fallen is when they actually gain a soul, to love that is.

The wolves are actually also the fallen but who chose to serve the sentinels, binding them to a life of servitude instead of becoming a vampire. The difference between the Lycans and the Vamps is that the wolves were considered to have half souls, able to reproduce.

Where it all goes wrong,
So Adrian, the head of the sentinels, thinks that Syre is behind the killing of his second in command, which is not true. And Syre thinks that Adrian killed his daughter-in-law, which is true but Adrian didn't know it was his daughter-in-law who were kidnapped by someone and were infected by some disease. And that someone were thought to be a wolf which is not true because it was a set up. Well that leads to a murder of the wolf's friend by a vamp and he wanted revenge. The vamp he wanted revenge from turned out to be his mate from my deduction, which of course he doesn't acknowledge and we'll get to find out how it will go in the second book. So this vamp who murdered the wolf's friend also thought to be the murderer of our heroine's mother which turned out to be wrong too. Does it sound like a giant clusterfuck? That's because it is!! Seriously if the sentinels, the wolves and the vampires have some mother daughter talk maybe they'll understand each other more and skip all the misunderstanding.

But that just mean one thing, something evil is pulling the string behind all this mess. And that earned the three stars I gave this book for making me so frustrated in wanting to know who it is.

Another big NO NO,
Is the back book cover blurb. It gives a hint that Shadoe and Lindsay is of one soul. Clearly that's not the case. The book clearly define Shadoe and Lindsay of having two souls in one body. Well now Adrian got to choose who he wants. I would have love it more if the story is really about true reincarnation, like Daughter of Smoke & Bone (Sorry but I just have to gush on it over here too hahaha). I mean in a sense it's so romantic like that. But it won't work with Shadoe&Lindsay, for one thing they're too much apart and I dislike Shadoe. I rather they be different.

I have no complaint on the Hero & Heroine of this book. I still think it's weird to call a human who has been changed to a vampire, 'Minion'. It reminds me of those small yellow thing in 'Despicable Me', and they look sooo cute! I pretty much like Elijah until his fate of being paired up with Vash. At this point I'm really cursing at the "creator". This book was ok most of the time until towards the end which really gets to you, either with frustration or excitement (the former for me). I am now still contemplating whether to continue this series. But who knows maybe I'll end up reading it as a snack :)


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82.0% "Elijah is probably the only guy I like in this book and the reason why I'm still reading it... WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE THAT B****???"
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