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Love Wins by Rob Bell
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Jul 14, 2012

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Rob Bell is no stranger to creating controversy and getting the debate stage going, and this book has definitely accomplished that. His writing style is similar to his numerous DVD's (Nooma) as well as his other presentations (The Gods Aren't Angry, Everything is Spiritual, Drops Like Stars, etc.). It is a conversation style as if he was in the room with you. His material is not like a novel or theology textbook. He wants you to think, ask questions, disagree with him if you want. But I believe Rob Bell does what many other writers, speakers do not create for us, the stirring in us to think, talk about, wrestle with ideas, concepts, life issues. If he makes you uncomfortable, wakes you up, causes you to actually think about the topic and not just read or listen to the words then good on him.

I enjoyed this book, do I agree with everything in it, no, but is it, long after reading the book, still causing me to ponder, wrestle with, investigate, talk about things in this book then its good. A book should not just be read, tossed aside when finished and have no further need of it and soon to be forgotten after reading it.

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