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Significance by Shelly Crane
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Jul 14, 2012

it was amazing
Read in July, 2012

Shelly Crane


Theodora Petcan

“Because you
are my significant, my soul mate. And I'm yours.” 

As boring as ever, only that now is graduating time and everybody is excited,
everybody except Maggie Masters, the student who graduated early on only
seventeen. She goes up on the stage and unlike everybody else; there is no one
to cheer for her. Her life has been destroyed ten months back when her mom left
her and her father for a new experience: a life she never had.

has been destroyed at first, but she understood that she and her dad haven’t
done anything wrong, that it was her mom fault and she should move on with her
life. Except that her dad wasn’t thinking like that. He got fired, and then his
salary was so little that he barely could bring food home and that scared
Maggie. He supported him anyway, got herself a job and then started to make her
own money for clothes, books and notebooks for school. She was really into
making a living that her grades dropped really badly, but she made it thought

she was standing right in front of everyone, up on that stage, but no one cheered
on her. Her father didn’t even clap his hands for her. When she was down from
the stage she found herself in the arms of the boy who cherished her most:
Kyle. A sweet and an impressive friend of hers. Old friend who tried to date
her so much that she now found herself put into the impossibility of saying no,
no more. So she accepted. A date. One date. What could a simple date do?

“You don’t love people for what they can give
you. You don’t love them because of what they do for you or how good you make
them look. Love is blind, love does not boast, love is not vain.” 

first? Nothing. Yet, everything changed. She was driven home by her father, got
herself an impossible low whisper of ‘congrats’ and then got herself in a fight
with him. She left home saying that she has some kind of a date. When she was
just about to lost hope on seeing Kyle, thinking that she would grab a coffee
and stay on a bench, she just bumped into some strange – good-looking stranger
– at the traffic light. She excused herself and then waited for the light to
turn green. That’s when the stranger moved right in front of a truck and she
helped him get out of the way.

this is how it all started! Caleb, Kyle’s cousin apparently, offered himself on
taking her to his cousin’s house and wait for him there. Half way, through,
they meet up with him. Kyle was angry, and he got even angrier. The reason?
Caleb just imprinted on her! And she
just imprinted on him!

all the people, was Kyle’s only thought!

“I saw something in you that I couldn't live
without. I chose you, inside of me, and you chose me. It's not one sided, it
only works when both people choose the other. You are perfect for me in every

was something impossible for someone their age. She didn’t even knew how it
worked, but all the chemistry telling her to just move herself closer to him,
to touch him, feel him, was stronger than anything she experienced before. Even
her former boyfriend – Chad – wasn’t something like that. She just found her
soul-mate! Everything was so fuzzy, moving on with full speed and then it all
blurred out.

found out what Caleb – her soul-mate – really was: an Ace! A supernatural
creature that existed among us, humans, for centuries. They were having
abilities that they only got after they imprinted on someone and found the love
of their life.

was moving at full speed, leaving Maggie with the impression of not moving
faster enough. She found herself more and more drawn to him, more and more
impossible for her to stay away from him.

was really thrilled at first because of the way how things moved: really fast,
but as the author kept telling me that it was just the beginning I just could
keep myself from reading more.

if you think that imprinting on someone is the most exciting thing, then you
just haven’t seen it all! Things keep getting better and better and sometimes
they go for worse, but true love, because this is all about, make you go even
more excited at the thought of never leaving your soul aching for someone else.

“Why not get married and get started on your

thought about this already, haven’t you?"

"Of course I
have. Caleb leaned to hover over me on his elbows and looked seriously at me.
“I’ve thought about it every since you first touched me and I knew you were

is impressive how Maggie accepts it all and how every new thing becomes more
and more of a challenge. They start reading each other thoughts, then each
other feelings; they even feel the heart beat of the other in their own chest.
She meets his family and it’s mind blowing for the exact reason that they are
like a super-family, or something, for being super open minded and making feel
as she is already a full part for them.

couldn’t get myself out from this book. It impressed me and made me thought of
real love even more. And when evil walks in, because nothing is perfect after
all, it’s even better. The tensions between Kyle and his cousin Caleb get
higher and higher. Chad just keeps coming back for ‘more’ than just friends,
because he just found out his immense attraction for his ex-girlfriend, but she
just pushes them all out, for her love:

“It wasn't long before I had the urge to glance
inside. I then had a slight moment of panic. Number one, Big John was walking
out the door with a meat cleaver gleaming in his hand. Yes, a meat cleaver.

Number two, he was
glaring at Caleb like he was the devil himself.” 

Marcus walks in, a member of another Ace clan: Watson, he gets really tensed
because Caleb imprinted at only nineteen and no one was imprinting for years
now. He starts stalking Maggie through her dreams and even goes further: kidnap
her and torture her for days.

Caleb come and save Maggie. Could he? How would he do it? You can only find out
by reading Significance!

the book and how it kept me waning and aching for more!


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