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Wrecked by Anna Davies
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Oct 24, 13

bookshelves: worst-endings, waste-of-time
Read in July, 2012



I read this book for an ending that was well to put it lightly- CRAP, PATHETIC & Yeah why not? SHIT.

Honestly. This poor girl- Miranda- has been through loosing all her friends, the boy she loves and feels that she is no longer welcome in her own school. Her parents are dead and everything has changed.

She feels like a murderer, since she was driving the boat the night everything happened.

And to top it off she now has an evil sea witch after her wanting her soul.

And the author couldn't even give her a happy ending. Couldn't give us readers an ending to end our sympathy and grief? Are we worth so little.

I'm sorry it was all going OK not going to say great since nothing exciting really happened. But it was
OK ya'know. Coulda been better with a twist or a GOOD ENDING even.
Now I have I give it 2 stars for lack of originality, entertainment and satisfying ending.

It would have been good if Fletcher survived at the end or something. And Christian could have toddled back to the sea. But no.
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message 1: by Tina (new) - rated it 1 star

Tina I really, really didn't like this!

Danzel i feel how you feel! totally agree with you

message 3: by Cookielover (new)

Cookielover Another cover that scares me.
It might just be me, but I'll never ever back down...not even until the end of time...

Kailey Aycock yes I feel the exact same. very dissapointed and a waste of my time.

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