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Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe
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Jul 14, 2012

did not like it
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Read in July, 2012

Interesting book, some parts are pretty boring (like his journey entries were pathetic). for the most part, the story and people seemed to me extremely unrealistic (Practically everyone Robinson meets, willingly becomes his servant and has hearts of gold, even the poor kid he enslaved from Morocco). Also, think about it, after spending 25 years alone, he is still just as sane and sociable as before. From what I hear happens to people who are isolated for so long, I just doubt this would be the case, not that Defoe could have known that. Heck, in the book, Robinson never even draws the face on the ball and talks to it, but he does have a talking parrot.

But I like some of Robinson's reflections throughout the book. It is obvious the author was a Calvinist and was trying hard to create a book with a good Calvinistic moral. I am not a Calvinist, nevertheless, it was amusing, especially his trying to use his reformed logic on why the "savages" were in the dark and why he was saved, while everyone perished from all of the ship wrecks. I guess his name was pulled from the lotto bucket, that God pulls from to see whom he will arbitrarily show providence to. Robinson was sure lucky.

At this time imperialism and slavery were perfectly fine, and Defoe, was not forward looking here, but he did try to show how the "Savages" could be swell folks, as with Friday. And he said the Spanish did horrible things, but that was easy, he was an anti-Papist.

Towards the end, Robinson almost dies from joy when he learns how rich he is, but fortunately, a doctor is called and bled him, which cured him right away (being bled might actually help ebb away joy if you ask me, so maybe it really did have a purpose!). But dangit, If not for the doctor bleeding him, gee... the book would have been over sooner. That would have been a fun way for it to end, he gets back to England and dies from joy. I mean what a wonderful way to leave this world.
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