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The Desert Spear by Peter V. Brett
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Jul 14, 12

bookshelves: loanage, grit, a-kind-of-magic, ninjas-get-chicks, world-fantasy
Read in August, 2011

This was a book I very nearly didn't bother reading at all. I read the first one and was annoyed by how there was a marvellous post-apocalyptic fantasy setting and yet so much space was devoted to detailed fights against demons as opposed to the intricacies of society in this setting. (I am so much more interested in conflict between humans than against non-human things.) I was also annoyed by how much emphasis was put on the female character's lovelife.

My friend gave me this one, telling me there was more political human-conflict stuff. And he's right, but first I had to wade through a couple hundred pages of the Muslim version of the world, replete with details that seem to have absolutely no purpose beyond going "ooh, look how richly developed my world is!" There was, later, some interesting development of both main characters, though I continue to be annoyed by the way Brett lingers for pages on demon-smashing, and then pushes through big emotional developments with unseemly haste. Oh, and the female character's lovelife is still the most important thing about her, with the added problem of at one point me being absolutely sure that there was going to be a female showdown between her and the "evil" female, who was clearly evil because she had an unrepressed sexual appetite. It may have skirted that, but I'm withholding judgment until I read the third.

And I will read the third. It is an interesting world, and the characters are developing (amidst the demon-gore) in interesting ways. I can skip the pages of monster-mashing. I know, I did it through this book.
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Phindi Gotta agree with you on this one. I thought the idea that Inerva would show her power by walking around vagina-out was ridiculous! I'm still definitely gonna finish the series but i wish he hadn't added two more books. Way too much filler now!

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