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D.Gray-man, Volume 23 by Katsura Hoshino
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NO Hoshino, NO.

WHAT are you doing.

Stop that.


Allen has gone from lovable, cute, brave hero to a really angsty bleeding-heart Mary Sue. I didn't want to admit it. I denied the truth for so long, but it's true. His powers know no limit! I remember in the first few volumes he would get his ass handed to him all the time. Now? NOW? Now I don't even know what his powers are anymore! I mean he has his arm which used to be like a club, but now it's a sword and a gun and he has this strange feathery wing powers, and what, what is going on I don't understand.

I did the Mary Sue test on Allen, and he got a "it could go either way at this point". But, to be honest, I don't think it can. Allen is already a Sue, I hate to say it, but there's no pretending anymore.

And another thing.


Okay, I've been very patient. Very very patient. But it's like we FORGOT about him. YOU CAN'T JUST DO THAT!

And, and, what ever will become of my Laven ship.

But that is the LEAST of the problems with, oh, I don't know, just forgetting about a major character after you show them in a cliff hangery life and death situation!

Hoshino, please, don't do this.

Don't pull a Kishimoto.

I stopped reading Naruto because it got confusing and stupid. DGM can't go down that path. It just can't. You have a choice! You don't have to do this. You don't have to ruin a perfectly good series!

I have to be honest, I am very close to giving up on DGM. I love the characters, I love the story, but the plot is going out of control. Right now, I can't say I'd recommend this series to anyone. It, to be frank, sucks. If it doesn't shape up soon I swear I'll abandon it and dive headfirst into Pandora Hearts.
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message 1: by D.M. (new)

D.M. Dutcher Pretty much any manga series that goes past twenty volumes suffers this. I gave up Negima because of that, and Bleach, One Piece, Shaman King, and any Shonen Jump manga usually just falls apart if they hit that twenty volume mark.

message 2: by P. (new)

P. Ah, it's pretty depressing isn't it?

I wanted to know what Bookman and Lavi's role in the story was. There's something really interesting and mysterious about them recording this 'history' thing, but now I feel Hoshino didn't really have anything planned out for that.


And... is it just me, or... is her art getting all screwed up?

Jahlia ((thing 10 Evil 1)) @palice it's so different :(. But it's slowly regressing, Tyki looks how he did volumes ago, Kanda's style seems to be regressing as well( he's still "dude looks like a lady" though)

message 4: by P. (last edited Dec 22, 2012 02:10PM) (new)

P. Jahlia ((thing 10 Evil 1)) wrote: "@palice it's so different :(. But it's slowly regressing, Tyki looks how he did volumes ago, Kanda's style seems to be regressing as well( he's still "dude looks like a lady" though)"

Ah, I knowww. Did you notice that one chapter where Kanda's ears were drawn strange? It was like she extended a line from his ear all the way down to his neck -- and I don't understand what for?

This is why manga with a lot of chapters scares me, because I feel like if it goes on too long, the story is lost, the characters get all weird, and it's just confusing. I've been avoiding shounen manga that have more than 200 chapters, unless it's just a little over 200 and it's completed. (Thank god Pandora Hearts is only at 80.)

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