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By a Thread by Jennifer Estep
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Jul 13, 12

it was amazing

Wow just...wow

This series is the best! I love how everything just melds together in perfect harmony- the romance, the action, the thriller-ness. I love the way it's written- the way it just grabs me right from the start and never lets me go. It's that good. I love the main character. She's smart, sassy, deadly, fiercely loyal and kind in her own way. What's not to like? And I liked the plot in this one.

I loved the fact that she's finally resolving her personal issues. Instead of just killing people all the time. But don't get me wrong! That's pretty awesome too! And you know I can't but love watching how someone takes on a challenge and solves it. And besides she never kills innocents or children so i'm not a sadist! I think. But anyway, this is the first book in the elemental assassins series which has really focused on gins personal life. Somewhat. And I just can't help but love how it all turns out. Even if the start was filled with hurt and sadness. Mainly from Bria's harsh words and unthinking actions. :(


Suck on that Donovan Caine! Yeah that's right! You've finally been put in your place. I am sooooo glad gin has finally realized what a great and incredible gal she is and that Donovan had never ever deserved her. I can't believe he had the guts to kiss her, assume that she'll come back to him even though she's with Owen and cheat on his wife that he seemingly loves all at the same time! And he claimed all the credit for saving his wife even though he hadn't wanted to do it gins way, married her even though he was prepared to leave her for gin and finally preach up and down about morals and the importance of the law! Seriously, what a guy. I'm glad gin remained loyal to Owen all the way through, the bastard (Donovan) got exactly what he deserved in the end. A punch right in the stomach. :)


Anyway, so the bottom line is, if you liked all the other books in the series. You'll love this one. So read it now!

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