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The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin
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Dec 22, 12

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Read in October, 2012

Ideally, this book will include:
Noah with Mara (I <3 Noah Shaw. Love him.)
More creepy hallucinations
Noah breaking Jude's face
A full collection of perverse childrens books, penned by Noah

*after reading book*
So remember in Mara's psyche file it says:
Sarin, orig. carrier; contraindication suspected, unknown; midazolam administered

So, it's creepy that Sarin, her mother's maiden name is mentioned. But the creepier part: I googled Midazolam, and it said this:
Midazolam is given to children before medical procedures or before anesthesia for surgery to cause drowsiness, relieve anxiety, and prevent any memory of the event.

Mara's drugs could make her loose her memory of certain events.
Lost time, anyone?
Pyscho therapist Dr. Kells repressing certain memories, perhaps?

Look who's not as crazy as we thought she was.

So, (view spoiler)

Also, upon re-reading the Evolution, I have (view spoiler)
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Amina YES! Ohmygod yess!! What you just said woman-- GOLD it is PURE GOLD!!

Sarah Marie OMG! You're brilliant! I hadn't even thought about Jaime's power and what they could be.

Aisha:) I applaud you. You are brilliant

Carissa Thank you

Ratna Adhi Utami Smart review!!!

Catherine oh my god that thing about the midazolam is so creepy.

Dana wow, love your work.

Alani Omg ya the author did such great research I look up mara and Noah's name. Mara means god of DEATH in Hindu. And Noah means rest and comfort. There names make complete sense with the powers they have

Alani Omg amazing

Green Elephant Girl ™ OH MY GOD


Wesaun Perfect theory! I'm really hoping she brings Noah back. It will haunt me forever if he stays dead. However, they changed the cover and Noah is there, that looks like good news. If he's on the cover, but not in the story, I will be so very, very upset. It would be way worse than when Veronica killed off Tris. (sorry if you haven't read it, MY BAD. SOOOOOOOOO SORRRRRY.)

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