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Hate List by Jennifer Brown
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Jul 12, 12

Read in June, 2012

Wow this book was something. I wanted to read something and the library was closing so I randomly grabbed this book because the title seemed interesting. However, I was amazed that I not only liked this book but I feel in love with it! However, overall I must admit it was quite depressing, I got teary eyed like 8 times lol. At the beginning of the book I wasn't really mad at Val but more at Nick, I thought he was a monster for what he did. However, Jennifer Brown gave you a insight of the character Nick and my feelings turned less towards anger and more to sympathy. I started to understand Nick anger and by seeing his romantic side I even started to be quite fond of him, which makes it all the more worst that the events went down how they did.

The characters I despised the most had to be Stacey and Val father, and Jeremy.
1st off I hate that we never get to meet or confront Jeremy!
I hate Stacey because I believe her to be a poor excuse as a friend!
The father disgusted me the most! I hated how he looked at Val, I understand that he might be disappointed for her to be involved but I cant believe he said he'd never forgive her! He never supported her and the whole new girlfriend thing and pulling her out the car thing pissed
me off to the limit!

The ending brought me tears as well because you just sit back and you look at all the pain she's been through! I bet it must have been hard for your love to leave you behind and commit such gruesome acts, her fathers is a complete SOB, her life just seems difficult non stop. It made me sad by the lack of trust expressed towards her as well as the downfall between her and her brother Frankie. I also don;t like the fact that shes not going to keep in touch with Dr. Hieler :( He was one of the people that supported her through everything. I highly recommend this book. I don't believe it should be a second book based on her life, however I would love like a small summary/update! A EPILOGUE!!

(Couldnt put this book down, stayed up to 3:45am reading and I had to wake up early the next day lol)

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