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Team Human by Sarah Rees Brennan
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Jul 14, 2012

it was ok
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Team Human turned out not to be my kind of book. I don't normally like reading about vampires, whether as a series or not, but there was something particularly annoying about reading of them in this book, and I'd only felt the same way when I read Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side. The division between humans and vampires didn't seem so bad at the beginning, but as I continued to read it kind of left me in thought. I'm definitely Team Human. And sorry, but I didn't like where the book went.

1. I seriously despised how the book didn't seem to focus on Mel's story, so much as it did on her best friend's. Yeah, I got that the point of the book was that Cathy was the one who fell in love with the vampire and all of that, but Mel seemed to me like she could be a stronger characters/heroine if people didn't put her down so much.

2. Everyone dismissed Mel's sense of humour except for Kit, it looked like. Seriously, other than being the care-taker of others, why did Anna and Cathy decide to befriend her at all, then?

3. Ty. Is. So. Annoying. He didn't seem like a friend of Mel's to me at the beginning, and neither did he by the end. He was just... there.

4. I will never, not ever in this lifetime decide to feel even an inkling of like for Cathy. She is Bella Swan incarnated. No matter what she told Mel about making decisions, she made it pretty damn clear to me as a reader that she was the sheep. She followed everything her dear annoying Francis said instead of wondering what her friend, the girl who'd known her since they were practically born, thought. She came across as a naive idiot, too selfish to give a thought about others. She was obsessed with vampires and frankly, I hated that. I wanted to strangle her.

5. I'm not satisfied with Kit. Nope, sorry, but no matter how "adorable" or "hilarious" he was in Mel's perspective, he also passed the Dumbest-Boyfriend-and/or-Love-Interest List. He made the worst decisions. And telling Mel that he wasn't sure about going into transition is not a good-enough answer for me, unfortunately. It's either, "go and don't be with Mel, end up being unable to laugh," or "don't go and stay with Mel, living a happily-ever-after." And he chose neither, technically.

6. And of course, we have the beautiful, marvellous, I've-Lived-A-Long-While-And-I'm-Proud Francis. Idiot vampire with his stupid politeness and basically stupid perfection.

That's, I guess, what I didn't like in this novel. I'm giving it two out of five stars, because in some ways, the humour was good enough for me.
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07/12/2012 page 61
17.0% "I like the humour in this book - a lot, trust me - but I'm getting pretty annoyed with the lovey-dovey-ness between Cathy and Francis. Yes, I know it's the point of the book, but can we maybe see her getting some of the attention?"
07/13/2012 page 62
18.0% "Continuing from where I left off and hoping that the focus of the book stays on Mel and talks about Mel."
07/14/2012 page 134
38.0% "I'd totally appreciate it if Mel would come up with a different argument for why Cathy and Francis shouldn't be together. Also, I never thought seeing so much puppy-love was nauseating until I read of Francis and Cathy's reunion. *pukes*"

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