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Lies by Michael  Grant
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Seven months ago, Perdido Beach, CA, was cut off from the world by an impenetrable force field twenty miles in diameter. All the children age 14 and under remained, while everyone else vanished, resulting in what was called the Fallout Alley Youth Zone or FAYZ. Some of the kids developed powers. All sorts of powers.

Three months ago, the food started to run out, and the Darkness in the wilderness began to grow.

Now, the story continues...

Orsay Pettijohn, the girl with the ability to see into people's dreams, starts being treated like a prophet, especially now that she has a "companion" called Nerezza. After managing to make contact outside the FAYZ with Connie Temple (Sam's mom), Orsay tells everyone that they must leave Perdido Beach as soon as possible. With no way to leave other than turning fifteen, Orsay - and Nerezza - start suggesting that the easy way out is to die, thus sharply dividing the kids of the FAYZ.

Not that they don't have enough problems, of course - Caine and company continue hostilities with the Townies, further exacerbated by the constant belligerence of Zil Sperry and his Human Crew. (A Nazi by any other name, I guess...) Meanwhile, more characters are added into this already-saturated mix - a group of foster kids living on an island which was the private estate of two Hollywood stars. Adopted from a wide array of countries like a lot of celebrities' foster kids, these five, led by Thai-born Wisdom (who prefers his original name, Sanjit) and African-born Virtue ("Choo" for short), struggle to survive the loss of power and illness among the younger kids. It doesn't help that Caine shows up and tries to take over the island - but the reaction from Sanjit and Choo has to be seen to be believed.

After reading the fairly long - and fairly disappointing - Hunger, I was understandably worried that Grant would write in lots of filler for Lies and its immediate sequels, up to the forthcoming series conclusion Light. I was way wrong here! Lies is a vast improvement over both of its predecessors, but of course it just gets even better with each new entry in the series since then.
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