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Capriccio by Joan Smith
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Jul 12, 12

bookshelves: mystery, historical

This is really not historical as it is dated, b/c I believe this was written in the 70s. However, my main dislike of the book is my dislike of the main character. I didn't dislike her immediately, but as the book unfolded, I started to despise her more and more, even though I wanted to finish the book. She was snooty (without reason), and despite the fact that she wasn't herself of great background, she seemed to look down on people with lesser occupations (although she was a museum guide). I mean, seriously. I don't know if it reflects upon the mores of the time, but that was so annoying that I ended up hating the book. She also made comments on various people's appearances as well as judged people based on what they wore. Basically, the book was in first person and maybe the author was trying to give a description of the other characters, but it made the main character come off superficial and money-grubbing. In the end, she ends up with one of the guys, and her comment was somewhere along the lines of "well, at least he's not just a Joe Blow so that I can live out the life that I dreamed of and can rub shoulders with the elite." SERIOUSLY??? UGH. If this reflects upon the attitude of the author, then this is one person that I do NOT want to befriend.

I read a lot of her other historicals prior to this book, but this one annoyed me so much that it will be the last one.

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