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Feb 02, 2013

(Review from the author)
it was amazing

They always say you should write the story you want to read--so that's what I did. :-)

So, yeah, this is my book, and I kind of love it. But then, if I couldn't love it, I certainty would never expect anyone else to.

For my 'review', such that it is, I have taken inspiration from the lovely Laura Lam and the equally lovely Dana Collins, and have decided to use both pictures and quotes from the book to give you all a peak inside THE HOLDERS. Hope you enjoy! ;-D

THE HOLDERS is the story of Becca who has spent her life protecting her brother Ryland from the judgments of everyone around him. When two visitors come offering to 'help' Ryland, Becca is more than skeptical. However, one of the the men, by the name of Alex, is able to make a very persuasive case, transporting her here...

without ever leaving her room.

THE HOLDERS is set in Ireland and the grounds of the campus and surrounding provide the setting for several scenes in the story. While none of the following photos were specifically described, they were the inspiration...

To be a Holder means you have an ability, which is a special skill inherited from a family member. To be able to control and use these abilities, every Holder must have a charm called a Sciath. Each Sciath contains a gemstone that is directly related to the ability of the wearer. Below is an example of a Sciath belonging to a young woman named Chloe, who has the ability to walk thorough time. Now if only she was good at it...

Quotes from THE HOLDERS:

“You promise? What are we, twelve? Next I suppose you’re going to pinky swear me that this will all be for his own good, and expect me to let you take him?” ~ Becca

His eyes never left mine, and I got the strange impression that he was really listening to me. Most people don’t listen. When you listen you hear the sounds and the silences. You hear the words people say, and the words they don’t say. Real listening takes more effort than most people are willing to give. ~ Becca

I had the feeling that Chloe wouldn’t have cared if I was a two-headed murderer straight out of prison, as long as I was under thirty and had boobs. ~ Becca

“The day we came to get Ryland – the way you fought for him – it was amazing. When I told you that I wish I’d had someone like you watching out for me, I meant it.” ~ Alex

I self-consciously tucked my hair behind my ear in a vain attempt to look as though I hadn’t just gotten the crap kicked out of me by Mother Nature. ~ Becca

“I wanted you to love me.” He held my eyes for a second then looked back down, his ears on fire. “But on your own, because you wanted to, not because you felt like you had to.” ~ Alex

"Any right he had to be the guy sitting on the front porch with a shotgun waiting for me to come home from a date, was forfeited over ten years ago!” ~ Becca
"Were you all farmers in Kansas at some point?" ~ Alex

"Is breá liom tú ró, mo lómhara. Tá tú gach rud a dom.” ~ Alex
[That one you'll have to look up. Muah Ha... ;-)]

Want some more? Care to read the first chapter? Check it out here!
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Jenni (thebookbonnet) This is great! Just wish I had been able to see it before I read! ;)

Laura Lam Oh, this is wonderful. Love the lush scenery photos. I might steal your idea and put some quotes in my review.

Julianna Scott Laura wrote: "Oh, this is wonderful. Love the lush scenery photos. I might steal your idea and put some quotes in my review."

Thanks hon! And steal away, quotes are great! :-)

Vera Seeing that picture of the Irish Coast now, makes me really want to go to Ireland even more! And, now I want to read your book the second time around.

Debra~Books4Kids This is such a great idea! And the pics are great. Very appropriate.

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