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Hunted by P.C. Cast
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Mar 15, 2009

did not like it
Read in March, 2009


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Katrina Okay hands down I admit I have been seriously hooked with this series because of Zoey's crazy obsession with guys. Isn't that unusual but still endearing if you read three different make-out scenes from guys. from a teacher(and they had sex , mind you!) , a human and a jealous HOT boyfriend. It makes me want to throw up. but I couldn't put the books down. all of that little thing I'm so dying to know about. then after that Loren bloke died. There was Stark , and then that totally handsome and hypnotic fallen angel Kalona who was somehow attached to Zoey's past. It's just.. I don't know how to put it , just really disturbing and on the edge at the same time. Ugh. the plot made little sense and her friends sounded like puppies who doesn't seem to have any personality. okay sure , Damien was gay and so was Jack. the twins are..well twins but that doesn't say anything about them. I kind of noticed how some of the characters say : " don't know!" and Zoey being totally hooked on that brown pop and talks about it. A LOT. So yeah I think that's it

Kerry I completely agree with you and I have the same affliction. I keep reading the series. We may have to start a support group or something! :)

message 3: by Cee (last edited Aug 19, 2010 05:14PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Cee Smith You like, speak my thoughts completely! All the good characters became washed and the only reason to keep reading is to see What acually happens at the end(it is somewhat addicting, at least the authors go that oart down). Everyone would probably be better off reading a book least then we could skip over the re-summaries that the authors seem so intent on putting into every other page.And as for the whole quad relationship thing I think I speak for all when I say, JUST DUMP 'EM AND GET IT OVER WITH!!!It's not as though they can really end the series with zoey having three or four different boyfriends, we know it will happen eventually! The waiting it out is just ANNOYING...yep, you're right that word was pretty much made for this book.

message 4: by Jess (new)

Jess I gave up on this series after book 2. I can´t bother with this anymore and your review just shows me that this was a wise decision on my part for once ^^

Great Review.

Daniela I started out loving the series, I was happy to hear of it. Then same with me I got to hunted, it got to be too much. To much of the same old thing, trying to kill Kalona. Chasing after boys, getting into deep stuff. When was there going to be action? Then I stopped reading when Burn came out, I couldn't take no more. I just wanted her to defeat Kalona and everyone be happy, Zoey end up with Stark.

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