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Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
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Sep 22, 2012

it was amazing
Read from September 10 to 20, 2012

(4.5ish stars perhaps) I warn you that this is a book that is probably very easy to spoil so do not go and read a ton of reviews. I am going to be spoiler free but I'm sure there are several people who will be vaguely spoilery and this isn't a book you want to have an idea of what might happen, being a murder mystery novel.

Even reading the back of the book is a bit too revealing for my taste, and unfortunately the goodreads summary is even moreso spoilery. I would avoid finding out too much info about this book and just grabbing it and reading it. I definitely recommend it.

That being said, you can either stop reading now and go grab it, or continue with this review, but I'm going to use the info that you find out on the back of the book to do the rest.

Which is this:

The narrator has a very specific set of mental struggles, the nature of which is suggested by the book cover of course. (Unfortunately if you read the goodreads description it goes ahead and tells you outright, but the problem is a little more in depth than the typical). Our troubled narrator Camille is assigned to report on a child abduction in her old Missouri hometown (following a child murder that occurred several months before), a chance to prove herself to the editor of the struggling newspaper she works for. Camille goes about the town, with people refusing to give her information (being that she's a member of the media), while she looks for suspects and evidence.

There are quite a few possible suspects and I found myself several times saying "oh THEY did it....no wait wait THAT PERSON" and was having a good time playing the guessing game. I found myself flying through the book, definitely a fast, page-turning read, short and sweet.

The writing style felt fresh and exhilarating. I enjoyed how the character was visceral with her descriptions, and when it came to sexual stuff she spoke with a blunt confidence that felt true and believable. I really felt for the character, not just sympathizing but I felt I was able to identify with her, I felt her loneliness and her longing (though of course I'm lonely so it's quite easy for me to empathize, haha.)

I really liked how, and I said so in my commentary, how Camille slowly leaks out details as we go along, instead of an info dump, so we get little revelations about her character and her life as we go along that felt like a new experience for me as a reader, when you're suddenly like oh! at random times as she gives you another surprising tidbit.

The reason why I might subtract a half star is simply because from a murder mystery you might expect a big grand climax. This one was a little subtle, I mean I definitely liked the ending but it wasn't cinematic like a thriller like I was expecting. But seeing as not all books need to end with an explosive climax, it's only a nitpick, a small thing to point out but I don't think it's big enough of an issue to warrant any disappointment.

Anyway, I hope you might consider checking out the book as I had a great time with it, and I'm definitely going to check out the next two Gillian Flynn books out there. :)
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