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All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris
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Nov 07, 08

it was ok
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Again, I have to mention that this series is in desperate need of a decent editor. I mentioned this in my review of Book 5 (Dead as a Doornail):
"Jason's boss is Shirley (Catfish) Hennessey in Book 4, but in Book 5, all of a sudden he's Shirley (Catfish) Hunter. What?!?" In Book 7, we're now back to a version of Hennessey, although it's misspelled as "Hennessy".

This series as a whole, is interesting, mysterious and sexy. I feel the need to find out where this is all going, but this book certainly felt like it was missing something that contributed to the earlier books' "unputdownability."

Maybe it was Sookie and Bill's relationship, which I loved, that kept me wanting more. Even though I knew it couldn't last through the entire 8 book series (so far, anyway), I have held out hope for their relationship. There are hints that a reconciliation may be in the works, but it seems unlikely that will happen at this point.

The more I think about the later books in the series, the more Sookie frustrates me. She burns bridges before she's even crossed them fully, and cuts people entirely out of her life, for the silliest reasons I have ever seen. She holds grudges and makes off-the-cuff life-changing decisions that make no sense to me. Maybe it is her sense of pride that causes her to do this, or maybe she is jaded by being able to know peoples' intimate thoughts, I just don't know.

I still don't understand why she was so upset with Alcide. Please, someone explain it to me. Really. So he knew about Debbie. So? He had abjured her, and its not like he was going to turn Sookie in, or kill her. I think that Sookie was pissed at him for having the audacity to know what happened and still like her.

Or, how about this mystery... Why was Sookie angry with Quinn after finding out he was a fighter? Hmm? These things are lost on me. I don't get what the big deal is.

But anyway, I'm ranting. Nothing was resolved for me in this book like I had hoped at the end of the 6th book. I'll renew that hope for the 8th book, and also up the ante and hope that Sookie learns to relax a little and stop acting so damn high & mighty. She is not perfect herself, so I wish she would stop expecting others to be. *nod*
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Erin You took the words right out of my mouth with this review! I completely agree about the need for the editor. I feel like the timeline from the books is back and forth in addition to the mistakes similar to what you pointed out. Plus, many of the grammatical mistakes just drive me crazy! It is the wanna-be English professor in me, I guess.

Mostly, though, I loved your analysis of Sookie and her reactions to situations. I'm always a little surprised at what makes her angry and what doesn't. And sometimes she is so good at thinking outside of the box, but other times she is dense. I feel like this is accidental in the writing, though, rather than purposeful. None-the-less, I loved the books and really enjoyed your review!

Becky Thank you Erin, I'm glad someone else felt the same way! I fully expected to be blasted for critisizing Sookie. She definitely has some loyal fans...

I'm one of them, but I feel more like that brutally honest friend who just has to say when you're being an idiot... ;)

Diana Couple of things. I do agree with you on the continuity errors. However, I recently read an interview with Harris and she mentioned that she had hired on a continuity editor to help her with those issues. I do understand your frustration with the errors though. Another example: When Sookie first meets the secretary for Alcide, her name is Crispy. Isn't it? And the next time we are introduced to her (she's stealing information from them) her name is Carol, or something entirely different. But I digress.

And as far as your feelings on Alcide...I agree with you. I love his character. Quite a bit more than I like Quinn. However, my feelings on the situation were more that Sookie felt that at some time Alcide would start to resent her for killing Debbie, regardless of the situation. Perhaps she isn't so much angry with him as much as she is afraid of him leaving her. That was just my perception.

And as for Bill? Oh man. I'm so angry with the actions of his character. Just my opinion here, but I like Eric more. Particularly after book 4. And, come on, who would really turn down a Viking? haha

Becky Diana, I'm glad that she got the continuity editor... It was definitely needed! I think that Carol was the secretary's name from the start, but Sookie nicknamed her "Crispy" because of how prim and proper she was.

Maybe you're right about Sookie being afraid that Alcide would leave her; it would explain why she pushes everyone away. I just think that considering how little she has in her life that is stable, and how few people she can really rely on, she would rather try to keep people around. That's just my opinion though.

I love Bill. He made mistakes, but so has everyone, including Sookie. I just don't really see the attraction to Eric. But we'll agree to disagree, right? ;)

Deborah Brannon Another example of bad, bad continuity errors: more than a couple of times, Claudine's name has changed within a couple of paragraphs! To Claudette or Charlene or something and then back to Claudine. Wow. Just wow.

Rachel Re: your question about Sookie's anger towards Alcide. She maintained distance from him because of the confusion over the Debbie Pelt issue, and she worried that situation was messy in the first place because he wasn't entirely over Debbie, despite the abjuration. And then she goes and kills her...well, it just seemed like a little time and perspective were needed. Following that, she was irritated that he got her to go to the choosing of the new pack leader without fully explaining why he wanted her there. I think she felt a little used. Still, she should be grateful because if she hadn't gone, she wouldn't have met Quinn.

I thought Sookie wasn't upset with Quinn being a fighter. I know she was upset he didn't tell her and she had to find out from others...but I didn't think she was upset about what he actually did. But then, I've been reading through these pretty quickly and mostly on audiobook so sometimes it's hard for me to keep certain details straight.

Delores There was a Claudette but it isn't explained very well. Claudine, Claudette, and Claude are triplets. If you read the short stories about Sookie in A Touch of Dead, Claudette is explained. I find it frustrating that the author didn't include the explanation in the book Claudette is first mentioned.

Stephanie At one point Claudette was called Claudia. The car that Sookie was shoved into with Bill by Debbie was a Lincoln and then it was a Cadillac. I'm really glad a continuity editor has been hired, too!

message 9: by khi (new) - rated it 4 stars

khi Also like cotton candy, I can take only so much in a sitting and have worked my way through the series over the years, reading the books when I crave something in this genre that is light-hearted-ish and fun to read.

With regard to Alcide, I think there were several factors that caused a rift. There was the to-ing and fro-ing with his emotions for Debbie and not having seen her for the vicious shifter that she was, and IIRC, (view spoiler) Also, as mentioned above, there was the not informing her what the event for choosing a packleader would entail and her role in it.

I actually think the books have been getting better and that Sookie is more developed. Maybe it's her increased experiences in the non-human world that cause her to burn bridges... she's become harder, more seasoned. Also, she has more people in her life so she might feel as if she can afford to let some people go since she's not reliant on just a few friends anymore.

Stephanie Meh. Review was too long, I didn't read it. I do take issue with giving the book 2 stars and then expounding upon that so much that the review is book sized. Yes, there are a LOT of weird little errors, like Catfish's last name, the fairy woman known sometimes as Claudine, sometimes Claudette, BUT you have to remember that this is fun, light on the brainpower, read to relax sort of stuff. I see that you are an Invader Zim fan, so I figured you would appreciate the series for its goofiness, but I guess not. Again, meh.

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