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River Run by Deirdre Black
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Oct 25, 2012

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Read from July 11 to 12, 2012

Freya’s whole world has always been the basement, her sister Cat and the man who sometimes takes her sister away for a while. But one time Cat doesn’t come back and the man tells Freya she’s gone forever. Completely alone for the first time, Freya is happy when a cat appears in her basement and soon comes to think of the cat as her sister reincarnated (you know, Cat and cat…). The cat shows Freya shows a crack in the wall and she makes her escape. She runs into Finn, a loner who is traveling the Mississippi in hopes of finding his family. The two bond and end up on the journey together.

This was a short story; so short that there was very little time to develop the world or most of the characters. I really wanted to know how the sisters ended up in the basement in the first place and who was the man holding them there? Where were they before they wound up in the basement? Why was the man holding them prisoner? What was his personal life like, that he was so sick to do something like that? What happened to Cat? Where were the girls’ parents? Not knowing the answers made it difficult to pay attention to the book, I kept wondering about them

I also kept hoping for more insight into the minds of the characters, but it just wasn’t there. Even Finn, who hadn’t been locked up in a basement for as long as he could remember, wasn’t a very rounded character. Although we did learn more about him than Freya, he remained a bit of a mystery.

The main bulk of the book consisted of Freya and Finn on their journey along the Mississippi, and the dangers they faced along the way. There wasn’t a lot of talk or action, but there was a lot of telling. Again, the book was just too short to really flesh out the story. Learning more about the slavers, Finn and the world around them would have made the novel a more enjoyable and full experience.

The dialogue was simplistic, though with Freya’s background, that’s no big surprise. And I’m going to say it one more time, there just wasn’t enough room to explore all of the facets of the story. Where somebody might have discussed something or someone else might have thought about something, they just did it and moved on.

The cover reminds me of a stylized rat poison symbol. It’s okay, but not super exciting.

The sum up:
A longer book would have made this interesting idea much better. There just wasn’t enough story to be satisfying.

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