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Ultimate Weapon by Shannon McKenna
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Dec 19, 2008

really liked it
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Read in November, 2008

Right off the bat, I love Tamara. I love her prickly defensiveness and her outrageously over-the-top, witty personality. And I really liked Val Janos' deliciously sexy and dangerous persona. But together? Hmmm. I think they might have been better served paired with someone with a less heavily tortured past. But at the same time, I don't think these two seriously wounded and prickly people would have responded to someone who was light and fluffy and full of sunshine, so I guess this was just a no win situation.

Tamara was a little subdued in regards to her usual acerbic wit and I missed it, alot. Her relationship with her daughter, Rachel, was so sweet though. It was funny and poignant and so real. I especially liked how frazzled she was getting, having her life taken over by a little baby. Val was sexy and alluring and it was fun reading about how Tamara and Val were trying to one-up each other. Whenever Tamara got the better of him due to her secret wearable weaponry, I thought it was laugh out loud funny. There was definitely moments of humor sprinkled about this story, which was quite welcome seeing as how this was a dark and somewhat dreary read, but Ultimate Weapon was missing that spark that I found in the earlier McCloud books. But again, Tamara and Val were incredibly wounded souls so I doubt a more humorous story would have worked for them. Actually my favorite part was reading about Imre, after he had been captured, and my heart just broke for him and Val. It's a very sad scene, when he makes his sacrifice so that Val can go free, and I thought it was beautifully done.

Ultimate Weapon is pretty much a straightforward revenge tale. No info on the possible resurrection of Kevin--Or am I just wishful thinking?? The plot was rather simplistic, compared to Shannon McKenna's more crazy and out-there stories, but it worked. We get all the background info on Tamara and it was as sad and heartbreaking as I knew it would be. This story is fast paced and intense, and certainly interesting, but unfortunately I don't think I was very excited by it-- see missing "spark." There was also a very nasty scene involving a broken arm and a rope and all I have to say is that ten seconds never felt so long before.

Ultimate Weapon wasn't bad, but it wasn't a knock out of the park, either. I really wish it had been because Tamara deserved a much better send off. While I liked Val, I wish Tam could have been paired with someone like Sean McCloud because she could have used his funny, badboy antics to help loosen her up. Or Nick Ward, because I thought those two had great chemistry together. But since those two guys were usually half afraid of her, I guess only Val could do. Which is a shame to think that way because I really liked Val. And in all honesty, this is as much his story (if not more) than hers, so they both got cheated out of what-could-have-been. But I will still give it four stars because I liked it and I'm happy I read it and I can't wait for the next Shannon McKenna story. :)
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Auntee No wishful thinking--I believe Shannon McKenna admitted on her website that Kevin IS alive and she will be writing his story soon! I'll definitely look forward to that story.

Nice review!:)

Holly Auntee wrote: "No wishful thinking--I believe Shannon McKenna admitted on her website that Kevin IS alive and she will be writing his story soon! I'll definitely look forward to that story.

Nice review!:)"

Seriously! Yay!!

Dina Great review, Holly! I finished this book last night and I still don't love Tamara - sorry! - but at least I care about her now and I'm happy she got her HEA. :)

Holly Thats good enough, Dina. Im glad you enjoyed the book. :)

Miss Kim From Mckenna's website, she is working on Kev's book yea!

"So, what lies ahead? Kevin McCloud awaits me now, and I think I’m even more intimidated by him and his secrets than I was by Tam! But hey, no way to go but forward—into the great unknown. "

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