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Edge of Midnight by Shannon McKenna
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Oct 30, 2008

it was amazing
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Read in November, 2008

I think I found my new favorite in Shannon Mckenna's McCloud series. I loved this book and I loved Sean. He's the ultimate bad boy and a consummate man slut. He's also the proverbial class clown as well as an idiot savant. He was complicated and hysterical and I couldn't stop smiling or laughing over his antics. He's described as nearly out of control with his boundless energy and what better way to work off all that energy than engaging in sweaty, all night sex fests?! Most of my enjoyment came about because of Sean and I loved his sense of humor. I'd much rather laugh than cry and it's nice to read about a romance hero who embraces the same ideals. Sean is definitely carrying a lot of inner turmoil and baggage though, but it was all nicely balanced out with the humor.

Normally I find an author I like and I just inhale their backlist....until I find a stinker and then I get real gun shy and drop the author like a diet. I read Shannon McKenna's Out of Control and I didn't like it, so I wandered away from her work, taking a break. Then I saw Edge of Midnight at the library and I thought, well, what could it hurt? I am so glad I picked this book up because it was freakin awesome.

The plot is seriously over the top and you can either go with it or you can roll your eyes and forget it. This Joseph Mengele styled storyline allows the possibility of mind control and poor Kevin McCloud is sacrificed in the pursuit of science. (or is he?) As is the blossoming love affair between Sean and Liv. Sean sent Liv away in order to protect her and now almost a decade later, she comes back home and is again targeted by the psychos who want to know what Kevin might have told her. Sean steps back into her life to act as her bodyguard, her servant, her sex slave and her own personal clown. He endearingly throws himself at her feet and it was really amusing. He's almost slavish in his adoration of Liv and I just ate it up. This is not to say that he was a doormat for Liv to walk all over. Oh, no. That wouldn't make this a Shannon McKenna book. Sean is as alpha as they come and as obsessed in his need and desire for her as any of his brothers about their wives. The sex is as gritty and raw as this fabulous author can write and their first sex romp was in Liv's childhood bedroom and there's something about using a girlhood room as the location for a no holds barred sex fest that is so naughty. *grin*

We gets lots of fun cameos with all the McCloud brothers and Seth and of course, Tamara. I love Tamara. Her wit nearly matches Sean in this one and I love her razor sharp tongue. I really, really recommend this intense and exciting story by Shannon McKenna. If you can handle a hugely aggressive alpha male who would happily lay his life down on the line for you while making you laugh your a** off, then this is the book for you. Enjoy!
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