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Standing in the Shadows by Shannon McKenna
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Jan 02, 09

it was amazing
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Shannon McKenna does it again (in my humble opinion, anyway) with the second book in her McCloud Brothers series, Standing In The Shadows. It stars Connor McCloud and Erin Riggs, the daughter of Ed Riggs, who set Connor up to die. Connor has been in love with Erin from the moment he saw her. The fact that she was only seventeen at the time didn't deter him in the least and he vowed to wait for her. That changed the moment he viciously beat a man half to death in front of her and sent her dad to prison. Now with Erin's life seriously delving into chaos, Connor steps back into her life with the alarming news that the psychopath who was targeting them is back from the dead and won't rest until he's added her to his collection of victims. No one believes his paranoia and some even question his sanity. He doesn't care about them, the only person he cares about is Erin and he's desperate to make her believe him. Erin has also been in love with Connor since the moment they met and having him back in her life is both a welcomed pleasure and a serious distraction. She's desperately trying to get her and her family back on track and Connor's obsession threatens to undermine her plans for the future. She and Connor finally fulfill the promise of their passion that started ten years ago but the psychopath who's targeting them steps up his plans. Friends turn into enemies and enemies turn into friends but now that they have finally gotten a taste of each other, they are determined to survive and make a new future.

Shannon McKenna makes Connor an extremely aggressive, controlling and obsessive alpha male who just happens to have that touch of vulnerability that turns him into a touching protector any woman would be lucky to have. His uncertainty around Erin is so cute and it saves him from being a heel who is only trying to assert his control. His extreme aggressiveness is only in place because he's trying to protect her so it's forgiven and in fact even welcomed (by me at least) because it made him $#%$! HOT! His dominating nature in the sack was an extreme turn on for both me and Erin, who was more than able to meet him as an equal. He in fact learns to turn the tables and use his fine body as a weapon against her and bend her to his will. Erin was a likable heroine and her need to take care of her family and remain in control was a believable trait that I respected and I liked her personality quirk of making lists and crossing off her accomplishments.

The plot for Standing In The Shadows was extremely intricate and Shannon McKenna definitely makes you work for it. There are all sorts of angles moving on this one and you have to keep up. The only time she slows down in her storytelling is during the love scenes and even those are fast paced and hardcore. She sets the sheets on fire with her scorching sex scenes and while Connor is definitely a dominating presence, he is one hundred percent attuned to Erin and her needs. He takes her only as far as she was willing to go and in fact, his hesitancy endeared me to him forever.

Standing In Shadows was fantastic. It was freakin awesome. I got the large size paperback and it's really heavy but I read until my forearms hurt because I was gripping the book so tightly! The plot was riveting and the bad guys are seriously over the top sadistic. Reading about Erin's mom and her sister was sad to read and I loved revisiting Seth, and reading about Davy and Sean. I can't wait to read more about these guys and Tamara, too. (Sequels, Ahoy!) All I can say is that with friends like the ones Erin and Connor have, who needs enemies? It's a good thing they both had a good, strong family base to get them through the bad times. Loved this book and I highly recommend it as a steamy, erotic and riveting book.
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Dina My favorite book in the series! I LOVE Connor!!! :)

Great review as always, Holly!

Holly Thanks Dina. Who do you like best? I like'em all and could not possibly choose - except for Davy.

Dina It's Connor all the way for me, Holly! Favorite book, favorite brother! ;)

I agree with you, my least favorite is Davy - and that includes "surrogate brothers" Seth and Nick, who were way better than him...

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