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The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein
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Oct 30, 2008

really liked it
bookshelves: fiction, science-fiction, hugo-winner, award-winners, read-in-my-40s
Recommended to Jon by: Ron Andrea and Jim MacLachlan
Read in June, 2009 , read count: 1

Social engineering science fiction from the master. My favorite character, hands down, was Mycroft, a self-aware computer (yes, artificial intelligence) who would have rather played a practical joke or tell a joke, than mastermind a revolution. Only a couple of technologies (typewriters and non-digital media such as printed books, newspapers, reports) dated this story. Otherwise, Heinlein transcended his present day masterfully.
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Reading Progress

06/06/2009 page 1
06/06/2009 page 22
7.28% "Strangest anomaly so far: A supercomputer that needs waldos and cameras to read books in 2075."
06/06/2009 page 41
13.58% "Met a computer with a sense of humor, but he asks the woman if she's got one."
06/06/2009 page 62
20.53% "Professor digresses about revolutionary cell size theory and Manuel one ups him." 1 comment
06/07/2009 page 75
24.83% "Mycroft cogitates one chance in seven."
06/07/2009 page 91
30.13% "Recruiting Mum"
06/07/2009 page 111
36.75% "hiding something by misdirection"
06/07/2009 page 121
40.07% "Another hole in Heinlein's prophetic vision of computers - typewriters still in daily use in 2076?"
06/07/2009 page 134
44.37% "Recruiting earthworm"
06/07/2009 page 142
47.02% "Codes, ciphers, cryptography, commitment"
06/07/2009 page 146
48.34% "Starting Book Two "A Rabble in Arms"" 2 comments
06/08/2009 page 163
53.97% "Independence Day July 4, 2076"
06/08/2009 page 173
57.28% "Marriage proposal and wedding."
06/08/2009 page 185
61.26% "seeking admittance to the Federated Nations"
06/08/2009 page 195
64.57% "more sabre rattling by the rabbles in arms"
06/08/2009 page 206
68.21% "falling asleep while the Prof lectures Man about too many facts hampering an honest diplomat"
06/09/2009 page 211
69.87% "arrested for bigamy and pollygamy"
06/09/2009 page 219
72.52% "return trip"
06/09/2009 page 225
74.5% "welcome home by Wyoh"
06/09/2009 page 242
80.13% "Accentuate the negative!" 2 comments
06/09/2009 page 245
81.13% "Starting third book TANSTAAFL!"
06/09/2009 page 258
85.43% "executing Operation Hard Rock"
06/09/2009 page 278
92.05% "Second invasion attack en route"
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Mary JL JOn: This is probably one of Heinlein's best books. Push it near the top of the tbr (to be read) pile.

message 2: by Jon (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jon I sort my to-read and mooched shelves by the average rating column. That way, I read the highest rated book next.

And my uncle highly recommends this book as well. I will eventually get to it. I plan to read quite a few books over the Thanksgiving holiday.

message 3: by Jon (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jon Found this at a newly discovered used bookstore today at lunch. This is the correct ISBN but the cover image is wrong. The correct cover is at ISBN 0425043487.

message 4: by Jon (last edited Jun 10, 2009 06:40PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jon Mooch Alert! I added this paperback to my BookMooch inventory this morning:

Happy Mooching!

Going, going, gone! :)

Mary JL JON: I am really glad, my friend, that you liked The Moom is a Harsh mystress! It is amoung my very, very favorites of Robert Heinlein's works.

message 6: by Jim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jim Glad you liked it, Jon. Thought you would. It's one of my favorites.

message 7: by Ron (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ron Contrast the durability of Heinlein's science fiction with 1967 Nebula winner (Samuel R. Delaney's Einstein Intersection) which posited 1960s-type electro-mechanical computers and 45 rpm records as still functional 5000 years later.

Cathy I'm so glad you liked it! I was wondering how it would hold up after so many years, and when read for the first time by an adult (I was in high school when I first read it, pretty impressionable). It's silly how pleased it make me when my friends like books I've loved. It feels like sharing a special treat or something.

message 9: by Jon (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jon I feel the same way, Catherine. Thanks for the treat!

Jeffrey Personally I think this is one of the best sf novels ever, and clearly one of Heinlein's best. Taking nothing away from Starship Troopers, his writing about AI is first rate, and the characters are equally cool. Glad you liked it.

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