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Burnt Offerings by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Jul 12, 12

bookshelves: adventure, saucy-female, shapeshifter, supernatural, werewolf
Read from July 10 to 12, 2012

Before I talk about the good things in this book, I must first discuss the negatives.

As with any Anita Blake book, there is always too much going on. And this particular book wasn’t an exception.

There were the firefighters, the council, the drama between Anita and Richard, the drama between Anita and Dolph. The drama between the were-leopards and the werewolves. The lupa drama, the triumvirate drama. A whole fucking genre of morality issues. Should I be fucking a dead guy? Should I be in love with a guy who eats other guys? Why am I so fucking trigger happy? I really wanted to shoot this guy 5 minutes ago, but now he looks sorry. I mean of course i have a gun pointed to his head, and who wouldn't be sorry then, but still do i really want to waste my bullets on this guy when i can shoot a vampire in the knees later? oh em gee. what to do?


Good Lord.

Dear Ms. Hamilton, sometimes it’s okay to have a simple plot.

But onto the good.

I don’t think this book gets nearly as much credit as it deserves.

No it wasn’t the first sex scene.

No it wasn’t a huge power awakening for Anita.

No there were no big decisions made in regards to her love life.

But this book definitely raised the bar for the Anita Blake series.

Circus of the Damned was a plateau for me. I thought that you couldn’t best Mr. Oliver; a vampire who had lived for over a million years. A man who was so sweet and charming but had wanted to have all the vampires kill every human in the city to start a revolution. Circus of the Damned was also a relationship changer for Anita and Jean Claude. She realized in this book that she loved him, and could never truly kill him. Circus of the Damned brought me some of my favorite characters including: Richard (even know he’s a whiny lil bitch man, he’s still a major player) and Stephen.

How do you top a book like that?

Burnt Offerings did that. I don’t know if it appealed to my maternal side or what, but I fucking loved this book.

Anita may be my least favorite character (which sucks because the book is written in her POV) but I loved her loyalty to her people. And lord does she have a lot of people. Damian, all the wereleopards, all the werewolves, and all of Jean Claude’s vampires.

Now Mr. Oliver was one endlessly powerful vamp, but Burnt Offerings gave us a shitton. We have the Traveler, and The Master of the Beasts, the Queen of Nightmares, servants of Morte d’Amor and Belle Morte. Like fuck dude. Reading all of their shit was a scary fucking ride, especially since Hamilton doesn’t sugar coat anything.

“Vivian raised her face up from the ground, tape across her mouth, one eye bloody and swollen shut. Fernando shoved her face back to the ground, showing her hands bound with tape. Showing what he was doing to her. He drew himself out of her, wet and finished at last. He patted her bare butt, giving her a small slap. ‘That was nice.’”

God, I’m going to have nightmares about that for months. I honestly got chills reading that.

I always feel like Anita is always too quick to pull her gun on people (she really is too fucking trigger-happy) but when she kills the bad guy it’s like I feel so liberated and justified and happy.

Maybe that’s why I keep reading this shit.

There were also introductions to some major players and powers in this book.

We met Asher and Nathanial. I fell in love with Zane and the Traveler, and we see definite character development with Larry and Dolph.

Anita's power developments were absolutely crazy. She's basically like a vampire/shapeshifter whisperer but like with her vagina.

Whatever. I’m hooked.

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73.0% "There are way too many subplots going on for me to read this at 2 in the morning. Time for a nap. But can I say I really hate all this Richard and Anita drama. Maybe if it was just those too, but there's also Dolph and Anita drama. And the hit man. And the council. Omygoodness. Sleepiness. Too much stuff."
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97.0% "What a frickin weird book."

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