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Raising Dragons by Bryan Davis
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Jul 10, 2012

did not like it

I was tempted to give this five stars for "entertainingly bad." I mean, I have gotten a great deal of enjoyment from reading this, just not for the reasons the author intended.

Now, before I get any further, allow me to say that I think the concept had potential--dragons are cool when done well, and the idea of them hiding out in human form is interesting, etc.

But the execution was...poor. The characters are about as well-developed and intriguing as oatmeal (and they're named "Billy Bannister" and "Bonnie Silver"--who thought this sounded like the real world?), the villain is silly, the plot is contrived--but most of all, the writing is just somehow peculiar. The dialogue feels about as natural as that in Tommy Wiseau's "The Room," and it is delivered with the same stilted awkwardness--you can't quite put your finger on why it sounds wrong, but it's

If that were not enough to make this book laughable, the narration style is melodramatic yet somehow lethargic, and the bizarre similes (trying to be artsy, I think?) were both hilarious and distracting--seriously, he compares dog's tongues to "pink welcome mats." What the heck??

Overall, the book was silly, and I'm astounded at how many people can take it seriously. I understand that people like the good morals and Christian messages, but just because something is wholesome does not mean it is good in the artistic or entertainment departments. There is nothing wrong with wanting to imbibe your writing with Christian values. Heck, C.S. Lewis relied on Biblical allegory and made a very imaginative and beloved series. Tolkein and Rowling did it even better by making their Christian messages subtler (using Christ-figure characters and other symbols, which can appeal to people on both a secular AND religious level) and not hitting readers over the head with them. Most importantly, these three writers had talent.

And Bryan Davis, though I am sure he is a nice guy, cannot write.
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Annie H I can see what you're saying about the writing. It seemed forced. It didn't flow.

Queeniejo To each his own. I throughly enjoyed this book.

Liam ~Let me go. D'you feel the same, my Charlemagne?~ I agree.... It was awful..... but I do wish people would stop going on about their names..... Bonnie Silver is her taken name.... and his name is William Bannister, while Billy is a nickname. It's not bad....

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