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The Price of Inequality by Joseph E. Stiglitz
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Jul 30, 2012

it was amazing
Read from July 10 to 24, 2012

My question is why is this book special?
It shouldn't be considering the fact it' hardly possible to call it a current affairs book as it based on a establish reality that privilege bring with it systemic advantages.
Much of Mr Stiglitz views are based on trend lines that started over 30 years ago.

Meanwhile as a point of how important it is to support the obvious with data and facts I consider this book important and somewhat depressing. Although Mr Stiglitz is an upbeat sort of guy. We all need to be reminded of what is, is!
We cannot simply hope and change we need to understand and realize to what degree the game is fixed.
As long a the powerful run the game, our great democracy, it would be hard to classify it as either great or even a democracy, small "d" on purpose by the way.
We are part of a carnival show where the hucksters are out there to remind us they are the hope and the change we need. But the fix is in and all they do is change the color of the bottles.
Read and relax with the knowledge that hope is alive but not just in our reality.
As Mitt Romney told us all today he pays exactly what is legal to pay and would not consider paying even a penny more because that action would be illegal and therefore disqualify from the race for the office of the President of the USA. Nice, so this is where we end up with the privileged, who make the rules, righteously claim that they have no choice but to take advantage of their privilege. So someone who earns 24 million a year is allowed to pay 14% in taxes is justified as it is for those making 42,000 on an hourly wage to pay 10% more.

Inequality in totals American economic landscape is something that is not debatable unless you ignore the facts. Fact ignorance something that is not strictly shared by those who benefit but by most of us to vote.

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