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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
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Sep 08, 11

bookshelves: re-read, 2011
Read from July 13 to August 01, 2011

This book has often been described as Fitzgerald’s most beautiful piece of work and frankly I do not see it. I first read this book as a teenager for fun and remember disliking it immensely but later not remembering why. Now that I ave reread it I realize what that is. The type of people described and the way they act irk me. They are well off family surrounded by people that do
things to each other with no feelings. They just keep hurting each other without caring about the consequences.

In the beginning of the book it is very boring and does not become interesting until Gatsby becomes involved in the story but the way people act towards one another.

I do not really see the beauty in this story but I do see commentary on society I just do not agree with it.


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Jenny Wow glad I'm not the only one, I thought this was a very distasteful book.

Shannon McGee Yeah this book is an example of why I don't read classics often. ;-)

Jenny Me too, but I feel guilty so I've started reading them slowly as I can stand. There are a few that aren't too bad. To Kill A Mockingbird was good. I still haven't gotten to too many of them. I started Ivanhoe not getting far fast and I started War & Peace. Not sure if Summer of the Monkeys is a classic I finally finished it after a couple years reading. It was not bad. I didn't think too much of Madame Bovary either. Are there any you liked?

Shannon McGee I didn't like to Kill a Mockingbird but I had to read it for school so maybe that was why...just like Tom Sawyer. I like Les Miserables but did skim the part about some the war. I would say I liked the Scarlet Letter and The Crucible. Dracula is a good one too. Most of them I read when I was young although I do read A Christmas Carol or try to every year. That I like reading Poe around Halloween.

Jenny I liked Count of Monte Christo read it in high school for fun. Oh, yes I did like Dracula. My son had to read it last year and so I read his but I think it might have been edited. I hate reading those kind but I did like it. I haven't done Scarlet Letter and The Crucible yet. Maybe some day. Hmm couldn't remember Les Miserables yes it was pretty good. I did read Christmas Carol a couple years ago. No Poe yet. All I remember having to read in high school was MacBeth. Good luck on whatever you read next. I know everyone is rereading Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility. I did the second one and wasn't real impressed. Kind of depressing love stories to me.

Shannon McGee I haven't tried Pride & Prejudice or S&S but thought about it because of the zombie rewrites that came out recently. I tried Wethering Heights once found it completely boring.
Shakespeare takes me a few reads but then I understand it.

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