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Junk Miles by Liz Reinhardt
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Aug 08, 14

bookshelves: dnf
Read from July 09 to 12, 2012

** spoiler alert ** I was solidly invested in these characters when I started this book. While I objected to the age vs. depth of emotion in the first book, I was anxious to see where Brenna would go next. Unfortunately, she definitely showed her age and immaturity in this book, and Saxon became the most annoying character.

So Brenna gets a dream trip to Paris with her mother, and Saxon just happens to show up on the same trip with his mother. (And why the mothers made no appearance on the plane is peculiar.) You could see the writing on the wall, of course, but after the big love fest between Brenna and Jake prior to her departure, I thought for sure she'd give it a little time before Saxon got to her. Nope, she was kissing Saxon and confessing to Jake within the first day! Seriously? She couldn't even wait for a couple days? And Saxon just keep moaning on and on about his feelings for Brenna. Seriously, what 17 year old boy is going to confess his feelings for a girl everytime they see each other, multiple times in one day? It was just too unbelievable and downright irritating. And how many times does he need to proposition her?

I also objected to all the smoking. When Saxon actually goads Brenna into trying it I wanted to throttle him--and her! Like, she can't even avoid a little peer pressure? For me, a guy's sexiness is seriously diminished by the taste and smell of smoke. Kissing a smoker is just plain nasty. I realize it was somehow supposed to add to his bad-boy persona, but it turned me off.

Another problem for me was the freedom given to the kids on the trip to Paris to explore. Um, no. You will not let your children roam the streets of Paris all alone. Brenna's mom actually wanted to buy her 16 year old daughter something "sexy" to go dancing, and Saxon actually refers to her as being "dressed like a slut". Wha? Brenna's mother goes from not letting her daughter ride in cars with teenagers in the first book, to dressing her daughter like a slut to go dancing in this one--in Paris!

At one point Brenna goes out running on the streets of Paris without issue, but she gets lost on her way home when she's back in her hometown. Really?

So upon the return from Paris, there's all the angst, of course. While Brenna says she loves Jake, she's still letting Saxon "jerk her off" in the backseat of his car (seriously, who refers to it as that when it's the girl?), and kiss her whenever he feels like it. And of course there's all the moaning from Saxon. The only person I liked in this point of the triangle was Jake. At least he wasn't saying one thing and doing the opposite. But then at the end, he all the sudden switches gears, and decides he'll have to change in order to keep Brenna beyond high school. Wha?

Jake's father decides to contact him out of the blue and offers him a load of money. How convenient for the next book.

Needless to say, I did not read this book completely to the end. I got about 25% into it and skimmed it to the end. I might have missed some of the key points to the book by doing so, therefore, it's not fair to actually rate this book. There is just no way I could spend my precious reading time on this one. Perhaps I'm too old to enjoy this book and looking too closely at the illogicalness of it.

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