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But My Boyfriend Is by K.A. Mitchell
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Jul 09, 2012

really liked it
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Read on August 26, 2012

This is actually closer to 3.5 than 4 stars, but Joey was in it a lot and I love the fuck out of that guy and he carries half a star in his bubble butt, so.

But My Boyfriend Is felt a bit off. I liked it fine and there's pretty much nothing that K.A. Mitchell can dish out that I will not read, but considering how hot Collision Course was, I expected so much from this book. It's still pretty great, I still adore the banter, and there are some pretty hot sex, but everything felt dialed down that the entire thing read like K.A. Mitchell Lite.

Angst. Not as much as I would think there'd be. There was a lot of denial coming from Dylan (Aaron's younger brother) regarding his sexual preference, but I couldn't bring myself to care enough to actually feel all angry or twisted or upset about it. He likes getting it on with guys, cannot admit to liking getting it on with guys, and is an asshole when confronted about it. That should have pissed me off, but... nothing. There was some self esteem issues, family members that should be hit upside the head with a folded newspaper, and lots of guilt, all of which should have gotten to me, but nada. I just made like Joey most of the time and shrugged shit off.

The thing is - as much as I think Dylan's hot and Mike's pretty okay - I didn't feel there was more between them than just really great sex. I'm not convinced of the falling in love part and I didn't feel like there was enough there to justify the epilogue-ish ending chapter. I guess I missed the part where these two looked at each other as more than just a fuck.

And the fuck. This is where I'm kinda pissed a bit. What the hell, Mitchell?! That was it? Call me spoiled, but reading the serious stretching the MC did in Diving in Deep to do two things at once to the other MC plus the light but sexy kink in Collision Course had me disappointed in the sexy times in this book. One car ride in Bad Boyfriend that didn't even end in an orgasm turned me on more than everything Dylan and Mike did combined. I can't believe I'm complaining about not having enough raunch, but I've come to expect that in a Mitchell book. I'm not sure how to handle just getting the Lite version.

Despite my whining, though, this is still a pretty great book. Better than most erotic m-m romances out there. Mitchell is a great author and she writes memorable characters and hot man lovin'. Compared with her other work, though, reading this just made me wanna grab Collision Course or Bad Boyfriend to ease my disappointment. Plus ice cream. Definitely some ice cream.

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DaisyGirl Joey carries half a star in his bubble butt.
*snort* That's funny. But, oh, so true!

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