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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 6 by Naoko Takeuchi
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Sep 30, 2012

really liked it
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Read on July 09, 2012 — I own a copy

The storyline for the Infinity arc is probably one of the best known and beloved arcs for returning fans to the Sailor Moon series. It not only reveals the final sailor warriors but some of the most powerful enemies that will test them.

One thing I enjoyed that was a nice surprise to the story was that Ami and Rei both receive a larger storyline than what has previously been given to them. We've seen some great things with Minako and Makoto but not with the first two girls that Usagi teamed up with. One major complaint is that the story can feel a little repetitive over time, most notably the encounters between Usagi and Haruka. It's after a series of the same meetings that things are spiced up when Usagi connects Haruka and Sailor Uranus as one.

Despite that, the storyline is nicely paced and has a great amount of action and romance for those who may not like a huge dosage of one over the other. The fact that there are other sailor soldiers out there is one that new fans will know was coming but is still find interesting. Understanding that each has their own mission separate than the girls who stick close to the princess may give the fans who may not have a favourite character yet the chance to find one. While some may feel impatient with Hotaru's storyline, it progresses nicely with her appearance merely a sick girl with strange power as well as her developing friendship with Chibi-Usa. Characters developments are paced nicely so that we feel we know them but know there's far more to learn about them.

The artwork is at it's finest but I do think the designs for the monsters are a little simplistic, if not incredibly boring. Atavisms are designed as giant black blobs and when one of the Witches 5 transforms she's merely transformed into a monster that strongly resembles Medusa (a woman with snakes for hair). However, one thing I love about Naoko-sensei's artwork is that she made the choice to make Haruka's gender ambiguous in her first few appearances - making her appear manly when she dresses in masculine clothes and far more feminine when she's Sailor Uranus or in casual. yet very sleek and retro pieces. It's a smart choice that reminds readers (both new and returning) that there are other sailors out there and they aren't what they appear to be.

The translation has really been something of a treat on Kodansha USA's part. I was a little concerned regarding how Chibi-Usa was going to refer to Usagi: would she refer to her as 'mother' or as 'Usagi'? I'm fairly positive that Tokyopop had the young girl refer to Usagi as 'Mama' on a couple of occasions, so to have Chibi-Usa refer to Usagi by her name really reinforces the relationship the two girls have as sisters rather than mother and daughter. The handling of the pronoun referring to Haruka was also handled nicely; Kodansha USA has the characters refer to Haruka as male when they think she's such and as female when her true self is revealed. They try not to use pronouns when referring to her but when they have to, they do it nicely.

With a nicely paced storyline full of action, drama, with brand-new characters, fans will surely love this volume of the series. While the art may be simple, Sailor Moon: Volume 6 is a great read that is only the beginning to an even better story.

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