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Shift by Rachel Vincent
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Jul 09, 2012

really liked it
Read in July, 2012

Vicious thunderbirds, new scars, and Faythe on tequila. Good book right from the start. Vincent introduces us to a fourth species of Shifters, Thunderbirds, and makes excellent and vivid descriptions to bring them to life in the minds of her readers. The difference in the acceleration of the Thunderbirds' shifts compared to Faythe and the rest of her werecat clan was an interesting addition to the plotline. It definitely helped in times when characters were flown against their will or plummeting to the ground. Either way, it's obvious cats are not meant to fly.

And more love drama continues between the three. Now Marc knows and Jace knows and everybody will know after that - a sure sign that more trouble is to come not just from the South-Central Pride; Faythe has set herself up for a big battle and choices she won't like making. I was sincerely waiting on Faythe to spill the beans while she was drunk - but she surprised me and closed her mouth, but then gave someone else the chance later.

It seems like Faythe's was more emotionally involved in this book over the last one; it was her Pride mates she had to protect, along with Kaci and Manx, and the strain is really starting to show with Manx wanting nothing more than to fight for her son's life and Kaci wanting to stay out of the action, but seeming to get into anyway. It was nice to see the heroine just step back and have a mental breakdown, even if it was only for a moment.

It's been a while since the events of Stray, and yet we're back in the same dilemma again - Marc or Jace? I'm eager to see the unfolding of the love triangle we have going on here.

To be honest, I'm excited for all of it - the finale and the happy ending the author says she's finally going to give her character.

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