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172 Hours on the Moon by Johan Harstad
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Jul 09, 12

In the not so distant future, in the year 2018, NASA has decided to rejuvenate the space program by returning to the moon. Back in the 60s when Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong first set their feet on the moon’s surface, they were there to do more than what we earthings were informed of. They built a space station in hopes of further trips to explore the moon’s possibilities for mining and other scientific investigations. But something went terribly wrong, something happened. They returned to earth, mission not accomplished. Secrets were kept for decades.

Wanting to return, NASA offers a chance to three teenagers around the globe to fulfill their dreams of space travel by sending them to the moon with three other astronauts. Two young women and one young man are chosen from the countries of Norway, Japan, and France. The three teens win the rare chance of a life time to join NASA, however, not told of the previous events that occurred when those famous words of “One Giant Step for Man” were spoken.

Immediately upon their exciting moon landing, the team of teens and astronauts experience a strange phenomena and are haunted by an unseen deadly force that strikes at one team member after another until few are left gasping for air and struggling to survive the lunar terror around them.

This reader who absolutely loves outer space science fictions stories, found 172 Hours on the Moon a bit lame. The first third of the book was extremely slow in starting. Too much time was spent on the lives of the three teenagers that will be chosen. I found myself impatient and irritated that it was taking so long to really get the main part of the story launched. I started to gain interest once the rocket left earth from Cape Canaveral and the thrills began, but it didn’t take long for me to realize the story was short on explanations of just what the phenomena was. Closing the book after reading the last page still left me wondering what it was because no real explanation is given and the reader must just go with the flow and realize that the answer would remain vague. It didn’t cut the mustard with me. I wanted to know more. The story does have it’s moments of terror and thrills, the book is not a complete dud. I also felt that the characters of the three kids, and their development needed some work. The ending...well it was a surprise, which I did love, but it reminded me of another ending of another book or movie so I didn’t feel it very creative or new. All in all the book is ok. Not great, but not fabulous by any means. I give it a big SO-SO!

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