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Daemon by Daniel Suarez
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** spoiler alert ** And I thought Stephenie Meyer was the worst writer out there. Then I read this piece of crap.

It's intriguing at first - a computer magnate, basically the evil version of Bill Gates, dies of cancer at a young age, and as soon as his death is announced, a computer program called a Daemon activates itself, and itself "activates" certain key people a la Eagle Eye. But at least Eagle Eye had a (relatively) happy ending wherein the evil AI was defeated.

This novel has no such happy ending.

The whole point is that the Daemon is basically making "real life" into a huge MMORPG. But...how can it do this with such unerring accuracy? How can it have such total control over every single person involved with it, to the point that it can quite literally fabricate a fearsomely huge criminal record in the blink of an eye if you go against it? How is it that every remotely likable character ends up dead, discredited, or both at the hands of a freaking COMPUTER PROGRAM?

If you didn't notice from this angry review, I hate it when stories exist to let evil win, and to let good lose before it's even begun. And apparently there's a sequel. But I don't plan on reading it, ever. I don't want to risk being even further disappointed by a depiction of an impossibly unbeatable FREAKING COMPUTER PROGRAM.
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Colin seriously read Freedom it will make you appreciate Daemon

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