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Heist Society by Ally Carter
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Jul 09, 12

Read in July, 2012

I've read Ms. Carter's Gallagher Girls series which were fun and entertaining but I ultimately lost interest halfway through. However, while browsing books, I stumbled upon this one and found the premise very intriguing. Now, I love heist movies, the ones with complicated brilliant plots, quirky crew, twisty endings, zingy one-lingers, and no one gets killed. Ocean's Eleven. Italian Job. Gone in 60 seconds. You get the point. This was the teenage version of that. In fact, there are some parts that seem to be taken straight from Ocean's Eleven (with a smattering of Inside Man).

Let's just say this is a fun entertaining summer read. Truthfully, once I started reading, I had a VERY hard time putting it down. I rushed through it in about 3 hours. It's not classic literature but you know, I've always found some classic lit to be highly overrrated.

I like Katarina Bishop. She's sassy and smart and cares a lot about her friends and family. I adore Hale because, well, he's a gorgeous suave billionaire who is also sweet smart thief (a la Thomas Crown affair, the Pierce Brosnan one *fans self*). I especially like Kat's and Hale's budding relationship that is based on a strong loyal friendship. At the appearance of a handsome British boy, I was like *red alert* love triangle (cue groaning) but thankfully, nothing like that developed. The rest of the crew were hilarious and I have a particular fondness for pasty brilliant nerds like Simon.

The plot was twisty turny enough for me. I love how they travel to so many different places (though none of them get jet lag *jealous*) The settings are wonderfully described. The dialogue is quick and witty. And I LOVED the princess bride reference.

All in all, fun read, and I will definitely try to get my hands on the next book.

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