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The Divorce Girl by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg
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I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book from the teenage daughter's perspective. It's about Divorce. Divorce. Is it ever good? Especially for children who get into the tug and pull of the parents. Is that right? Deborah and her brother get put in front of a Judge and is each asked who they want to live with. Each has a different answer. Does this happen in the real world? Do adults really think about the children enough when they divorce? Here is one story that will captivate you and help answer any questions you may have. At least it did me.
Deborah hides behind her camera and shoots every aspect of life. Lives with her father, and works for him on weekends at a flea market selling plus-size women's clothing. She may even learn to grab an extra dollar or two to help get her what she wants. Dad doesn't have a clue about his own daughter, nor does he necessarily care at times.
Deborah gets the chance to take a photography class and she puts her all into it. This Hippie Instructor ends up becoming Deborah's mentor for the things that happen in her life. She helps Deborah through quite a bit. I really like how this story ended and the guidance she received.
Caryn Mirriam Goldberg writes in a different approach to divorce by looking at it through this teenager's eyes. It's quite an interesting perspective, one I liked a lot.
I would not suggest this book for kids going through divorce, as this is a fictional story, not a self-help book or something to help them cope. This book is better for the over 18 crowd.
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