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Jane by April Lindner
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Okay. I did not finish this book. I read it a while ago, but it made me so mad that I still can't think about it without gritting my teeth. This is supposed to be a modern retelling of Jane Eyre, so I went into it expecting something amazing.

"Modern" should have clued me in.

The original Jane Eyre was spritely, no-nonsense, independent, faithful, creative, and, in her own way, sassy.

This Jane was flat, door-mat, whining, down-in-the-dumps, depressing.

What I loved the most about the original Jane was that she put what was right above what she wanted; (view spoiler)

Nowadays some might think she was being stupid, but I loved her for taking the high road, no matter how much pain it put her in. It shows the strength of her character, and how, though she may have been weak and ugly, she was truly the strongest character--and the heart--of the novel.

To be fair, I read the first third of the novel and actually sort of enjoyed it. It wasn't perfect, wasn't very passionate or anything, but it was bearable. Then I skimmed ahead and discovered (view spoiler). WHAAATTTT.

As I said before, Jane Eyre was amazing for me because she proved that 'prudes' could be amazing. She burst out of that stereotype. This Jane is supposed to be her modern version, but even nowadays, that strength is such a deep part of her character that I don't think she'd do that, modern or not. I viewed a modern Jane Eyre as a quiet, artistic Christian girl (because, despite how the author completely ignored this part of Jane Eyre's character, IT'S THERE)who turned heads despite of peoples' objections to her.

The simple, flagrant violation of the Jane character ruined the book for me. That's all.

To be nice, I think the nanny idea was cool, and even the rock star thing could have worked. It just didn't for me.

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