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The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff
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Hmmmm. Okay.

There are a few things:

1) I never truly felt a connection to any of the characters, at all. I honestly could not have cared less if The Lady massacred all of the main characters, not the child (because I have one that age), but all the others. Hell, she could have sent a bloody effing river through town and drowned every citizen in Gentry. I would have sighed, shook my head and then turned the page. No tears shed, sleeping soundly. Truth.

2) I didn't feel the connection of character to character. Yeah Roswell was Mackie's best friend, but was he really? Cuz Mackie was surely tight-lipped and so freaking awkward when it came to letting him in that it made me embarrassed to read it. I was constantly having to read through my fingers and half cussing at him to just "fucking say it!". Hot Damn.

Tate, the love interest, I guess, was supposed to be some bad ass, hardcore, biotch with nerves of steel and blood that ran ice cold or some shit. All I picked up on was Biotch. She wasn't tender enough to be likable. She kissed Mackie a few times but it was to train him in a Pavlovian Response technique for telling her information or agreeing with her....? What? Also, it was alluded that she was whorey...Mmmm, yeah there's nothing like a good ol' whorey love interest to warm the cockles.

3) There was a lot of assumption going on on behalf of the author. There were revelations said and somehow I was supposed to already know, duh, that that's what was happening and why. Um, no. I'm sorry but I was way lost towards the end when things were just being unfolded like an eager toddler "helping" on laundry day.

4) The "hero" was stupid and weak. He never gave me the impression that he was a force to be reckoned with. This book should have taken the perspective of Tate. I kept thinking "He's about get all kinds of ass kicky all over the place" but no, he never did. Ever. He had far too many weaknesses and nothing to set him apart from any of the other monsters. He was weak and stupid. Ooo also he hardly gave a shit about anything. He was not noble or good and honestly, spent most of the time curled into a little ball of puke and shivers. Disgusting.

All in All: Horribly unimpressed. It tried too hard and seemed forced.

I was looking for YA that was different from fallen angels, zombies, vampires, magic, werewolfs etc. etc. and I guess I found it but not in the way where you find a whole twenty dollar bill on the sidewalk, instead in a way where you find half of a fifty. So close, but no potato.
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Reading Progress

07/08/2012 page 20
6.0% "what the balls is going on here?"
07/09/2012 page 98
28.0% "i don't understand why Malcolm doesn't share ANYTHING with hus best damn friend???? I've never heard of that. Maybe Ethan Wate spoiled me..."
07/10/2012 page 132
38.0% "Hmmmmm, I don't understand why a town would allow monsters to sacrafice a baby for greener grass all year round. Also, if you were taken as a child, why would you stick around said baby snatching town and then HAVE YOUR OWN BABIES????? Call me dumber than a doornknob but I wouldn't have thought twice about high tailing in out of there come time to procreate. Duh. I'm bored now."
07/10/2012 page 153
43.0% "I'm over this "woe is me" garbage. You' re a boy, sort of, grow a pair of the biggest mother effing cajones and man the fuck up! Jesus, you sound like a freaking chic, except chics can at the very least tell their best girlfriend everything. Whatever. I'm irritated and over Mackie already. This book is about 100 pages (out of 234) too long. Truth."
07/11/2012 page 159
45.0% "Tate is a huge bitch. A huge, really unlikeable bitch. I can't even think of her character as having a strong personality or stubborn or fierce or any of those other adjectives for straight up bitchery. Nope she's just some cute little asshole that has from day numero uno blamed Stupid, whiney-faced Mackie for her little sister's dissapearance for no good reason."
07/11/2012 page 180
51.0% "I know what's wrong with it now, far, far too much thinking and not enough doing. DO SOMETHING!"
07/11/2012 page 181
51.0% "So here goes Tate again being an epic biotch yelling weak Mackie the he better do something then in HER next breath says " Why wouldn't I do anything to get my sister back?" what? You just told him to get her back... You didn't come up with a plan like a contributing member of the strike force... I think Hermoine spoiled me."
07/12/2012 page 214
61.0% "Mackie=Damsel in Distress. It's okay Sugar Toes your bitchy girlfriend has this covered, just flop around on the floor like a useless pancake..."
07/12/2012 page 218
62.0% "oh really Mackie? Really? WTF goes on here??? SINCE WHEN IS IT ABOUT HIM??? Did I miss something? This book is not good."

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message 1: by Kandise (new)

Kandise haha it looks like the pain began on page 20? Damn, kudos to you for continuing this read lol

Tarra you know me son! I'm not a quitter!

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