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Carrie by Stephen King
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Jul 08, 2012

really liked it
Read in December, 1990

I just re-read this, because I noticed that thre is a new version of the movie and Im horrified, so I decided to re-review!
Redeux 2012
Stephen Kings Recipe for Disaster
1 telekenetically talented teeanged outcast
1 sexually repressed , religious fanatic, over bearing, abusive mother
3 to 4 teenaged sex obsessed highschool girl bullies
1 part time friend
mix carefully and wait for first signs of puberty during addition of a sprinkling of water.
beat furiously until tears and hysteria bring on full power of telekenetic power.
set aside and add more abuse from mother as hormones rage.
add a pinch of guilt from part time friend
add 2 boy friends,
1 kind good guy
1, not so much, bad guy
Set up a date for the prom with good guy
and a bucket of blood for bad guy
fix the vote for queen of the prom
let the games begin
dump the bucket of blood and let the flames rise
cook everyone ( oops!)
sit back and relax to Carly Simons " Nobody does it Better"
and enjoy the teenapocolypse!
Thank you Stephen King for a Lovely desert.

-I remember reading this and thinking, those "be-aw-thches " all got what they deserved. This is a case of bullying gone er... Right? I don't know but "you mess with the bull ya get the horns."
Every kid who gets attacked by all the cool kids feels like they wish they could do this... Now it's not the right thing to do... But it's jus a book! Carrie is the odd girl, the skinny, plain Jane girl, who doesn't have anything going for her. As a matter of fact everything is going against her. A " holy roller " mother, a flat freckle face and she hasn't even reached puberty. Nor does she have a clue what that entails. And when it does appear... Horrifically ....she is sadistically tortured by her classmates when she is the most vulnerable, naked in the shower after gym class.
When she finally makes it home, she in again humiliated by her own mother. Her sexuality attacked, told she is dirty , and made to repent for her" wickedness" . Now that would confuse and freak out anyone. But it seems to put Carrie in touch with her powerful side.
This is where all " hell " breaks lose. No matter what other humiliation her classmates have in store for her, she can handle it.
They have no idea, of the the real meaning of Shakespeare's line " he'll have no fury like a woman scorned" , but they will find out, on prom night.
There have been many copycat stories, but there is only one original.....Carrie!
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Eyehavenofilter this re-review kept me up all night. I saw the trailer, and thought.... this girl is just TOO PRETTY.. to play Carrie. Sissy S. Was PERFECT! WTW?

message 2: by Mie (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mie Before finishing your review I researched the upcoming movie on the net, and...never mind. I have to thank you for informing me of the movie. :) Can't wait for October.

Marsha Good review although the sentences run on a bit. However, like most people you misquote that famous line and attribute it to the wrong author. It's "Heav'n hath no rage like love to hatred turned/Nor Hell a fury like a woman scorn'd." The author is William Congreve from his late 17th-century play "The Mourning Bride" (1697).

message 4: by Michael Fierce (new)

Michael Fierce LOL! I love your review!

message 5: by Kip (new)

Kip Shut up, Marsha.

Eyehavenofilter Marsha..Marsha...Marsha...watch it. That football is aimed right at yer face again it seems!

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