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Mark's Opening Gambit by Lee Brazil
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Jul 15, 2012

it was ok
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Read in July, 2012

Blah. This was another one that very nearly ended up in my dnf shelf, but it was short enough I just forced myself to finish it.

The characters are much more like caricatures than like actual people. Mason, the high school dropout working nights to help support his family; Mark, the rich kid with the overbearing parents; the overbearing parents trying to marry Mark off to a suitable wife; the over-worked single mom trying to support and raise her kids on her own.

None of them seemed to express any genuine emotion, they all seemed like they were playing roles. Badly.

I didn't feel the connection between Mason and Mark, and didn't believe the way their relationship started. And then skipping months of it at a time without any indication to the reader that that had happened was both jarring and frustrating.

This is perhaps unfair of me, but I hated Mason's mother. I am aware how strong a word that is, but honestly? What kind of mother would let her son drop out of school to get a full-time job at 16 to help her support her other two sons? I know we're told later that Mason didn't let her have a say in whether he dropped out or not, but that's ridiculous. She just came across to me as selfish and overly-dependent on her child.

And speaking of Mason's job.... At one point Mark talks about how Mason's "work-roughened hands" feel on his stomach. Really? Stocking shelves at a grocery store every night gives you work-roughened hands? /eyeroll

This book is only getting the second star because of who Mark became after he decided to stand up to his parents. At that point, it finally felt like I was reading about a real person, and I started to enjoy reading about him.

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