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Eden by Keary Taylor
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Jul 07, 12

it was amazing

See that folks? Yes, thats five stars!
Why? Well just sit down people and let me begin to list the reasons:

1. There is some major awesome going on with this cover. It's beautiful in a bad gritty sort of way. It's not the girl next door or the old school covers directed at the older youth. It gets down to business with a swift hard Chuck Norris kick to the eyes. The cover also represents the book's plot with that metalic in the eye and the roughed up decrilit script. It is quite frankly pure awesome!

2. The book's plot? Not the same'ole dystopian. It's UNIQUE. It's ORIGINAL, It's AWESOME....yes that word again, AWESOME.
Set in a post apocalyptic world, life is vastly different being overrun by human/cybernetic peeps called The Fallen. Few humans remain, thanks to the nanorobitics that was introduced into society for bodily improvement. Apparently, somebody misjudged the new technology, for it wasn't long after the introduction to nanorobotics that the people with upgrades were completely taken over by their new parts. From there the botics infection just spread through touch.

Eve, the books main character, is trying to eke out a living with a small group of surviors. Her group is going slightly better than crappy on the survival scale when she comes across a small group of strangers. Then things get interesting.
The Fallen start showing up and Eve's group is forced to move.

3. The writting style
Mrs. Taylor is obviously an expert at weaving a tale. Eden was amazingly thurough on description but without too much input. She doesn't overwhelm with needless words that need a dictionary. Nor does she use the standard descriptive phrases found in so many common YA novels.
She quite simply, tells a tale that jumps out of the book and straight into your minds eye. There is no struggle to imagine what she's trying to convey. It practically leaps into your lap, bitch slaps your face and screams, "BEST BOOK EVA!".
Okay, maybe not to that extint but damn near close!

4, The characters.
Holy Hell these characters are beleviable. They have depth, not just motives.
They were so well rounded that I felt like long lost bosom pals! They were people I could find in my everyday life. What's more is they weren't sterotyped. Rather they were regular people with wants and needs in a cyborg ruled world. I could see myself in their place though in all actuality I'd rather not have such a reality.
The main character and heroine, is by no means a pansy member of venus. Nope, she is, like all my favorite heroine, the Bomb Diggity of her dystopian world. She, like the beautiful cover, is kickass.
I love when stories shy away from the whole disney girl needs man formula.

5. The Climax of Eden
Oh sweet baby Jesus, the big action scene towards the end of Eden left my heart racing and my palms sweating. The action was high and I so did not want it to end! The big fight scene was byy far the greatest part of Eden.

To end this review, I can only say that Eden is one of my favorite dystopians. Everything was on such a high level that I simply could not grade this book any less than the perfect five stars. It's originality, character build, prose, and cover make Eden a well rounded read that I think all YA/Dystopian fans should check out.

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