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Eldest by Christopher Paolini
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Oct 27, 08

“Eldest Book Review”
The book Eldest by Christopher Paolini is a book about a dragon and his rider. The two, intertwined by the magic of thought, journey through the land to Ellemera to study the arts of magic as he prepares to face off against the belligerent tyrant Galbatorix.
The book had many interesting twists and turns. Eragon, the rider, has always thought to be the last rider, excluding the king and his evil riders, know as the foresworn. But suddenly, Ormoris, an Elvin rider appears to teach Eragon what it means to be a rider. Also, as the story proceeds, Eragon begins to fall in love with Arya, but she discovers his feelings for her in the most interesting of ways. She found out from a stone tablet that he had “imagines” up. And in the end, Eragon finds a man that was his brother, and also, his father was revealed to him. A man he could not be proud of and a man killed my one of his former mentors.
Although the story had a brilliant plot and a fascinating story, the story went far too slow. It took Eragon 300 pages to travel to Ellemera and learn magic, and 300 for his cousin, Roran, to escape the Ra’zaac and flee to Surda. Leaving only the remaining 60 pages to the great battle and Roran’s and Eragon’s reunion. It’s a good think to put details in his story, but he had too much detail, to the point where he could spend a paragraph or two just talking about what a character does or what he looked like, which I found could be irritating and annoying at some times.
Despite the overloading of details, the story was an enjoyable read and hooks readers to read the next book with a sudden stop to the story in a very dramatic place. And the magics and the spells used seemed very believable. In other words, they weren’t just randomly made up words. The works were cleverly disguised in a different language. Anyone who enjoys fiction or scientific fiction, or stories from the past would enjoy this book greatly.
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Jenny I completely agree, I started to get bored about halfway through, until Eragon was "changed" and Roran was in Teirm is where it got interesting. The last half of the book was better than the first. The first half felt so dark and hopeless, then finally you started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Great plot twists, and very believable fantasy!

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