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The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan
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Frankly, this was sub-par and not at all worthy of Rick Riordan and the characters he's created (By that I mean Percy and Annabeth, not the new people. The others' creation was sub-par to begin with).

What we have here is some very shoddy work. Too many cooks spoil the broth and the many narrators made for a choppy and boring story. The characters were very flat. Mr. Riordan has managed to create a singularly annoying character in Coach Hedge. Piper and Leo are not far behind. Jason the cardboard cutout is just hanging there. Even Percy and Annabeth have become unidimensional characters filled with lots of angst and unnecessary emo.

Flat, uninspired, slipshod, bad. I could go on and on with more synonyms but you catch my drift.
So unworthy of Mr. Riordan's legacy. It's hardly believable that he wrote this.

I am very sad to say this book is not worth the time, money, or effort it takes to acquire and read it. Here's a fervent hope that book 4 would be better, because the bar for this series has just been set at a new low.

Our dudes are supposed to be a team, but from the absolutely stunning cover, it seems Percy and Jason are fighting. Bites fingernails. But oh well, in that case.... Crush him to bits, Percy!!!
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10.0% "Lots of emo..... Meh"
60.0% "This book is a fail for the most part"

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Kendall Wrong!! This book is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Lady Jaye No it isn't. It is far below the bar of excellence Rick Riordan has set with previous books.

Kendall I love his books. Ya, I have to admit that piper was kinda annoying but that was about it with the bad stuff. Five stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luis I agree 100%, The Heroes of Olympus series just hasn't been as well done as the as the original Percy series. This round of characters just aren't up to the standards, the villains are a joke, and the story has just fallen flat. Maybe now that he isn't writing a concurrent series, it will improve.

Lady Jaye I really hope so, Luis. I hope so.

Kendall Piper just annoys me, that's about my only problem!
She obsesses over Jason CONSTANTLY and it annoys me to death!

Keith My thoughts exactly.

Javier You are absolutely right. Terribly written. I think they may have fired their editor.

message 9: by Diashawn (new)

Diashawn Mark of Athena to me is the better side of Heroes of Olympus. It was better, and for the most part characters are just like this, Rick never really changed his characters. Coach Hedge is funny(he actually helped make the first book funny).

message 10: by Nick (new)

Nick Collier I have to disagree with what you said. I believe that the new characters gave the story a lot of body. Although it did get a little confusing at times because it would take you a moment to remember which character the narrator was talking about. After about the 10th chapter you begin to connect with the characters and remember each of them. Also each of the characters has a certain power which helps the group throughout the book. I think Riordan did a great job with getting each of the characters there moment in the book.

I saw that about 60% through the book you said this book is a fail for the most part. When I was reading the book and got about 50% of the way through I was so hooked. The ending with Percy and Annabeth falling into Tartarus. Everyone saying that the ending was awful obviously hasn't read enough of Rick Riordans books to predict a cliffhanger ending. His books are fueled by cliffhangers.

I do agree with you with somethings. In some of his books he starts to drag a bit like at the part in chapter 2-3 and the building up of them going to Camp Jupiter. Overall I think your review on the book makes both good and bad points.

Lady Jaye While I am glad you liked the book, I intensely disliked it. What you call a cliffhanger I call a complete fail that marks the climax of a weak plot. Opinions - we're all allowed to have them.

Elizabeth Engstrom this is an amazing book Last Jay, and if you don't see that than your crazy. I mean not to be rude, nut this is one of the best books he ha written yet. All the grow a lot and the villains ate really cool. I mean sure, Pipers annoying and I don't like Jason but they are still good characters. The book is great. How Don't you see that?

Lady Jaye Do you see me on your review telling you that you are obviously an idiot for liking and defending something that is so visibly subpar? No? No? Good. Then deal with your review and let me deal with mine.

Elizabeth Engstrom look my comment was really rude. I didn't see that until I reread it. You can have your opinion and I can have mine. but I'm suggesting that you maybe read it one more time and see what other people see in it.

Elizabeth Engstrom All I was trying to say is that this is a great book. I was really surprised to see that you didn't like it that much. Is that okay?

Lady Jaye Yes, please, that last statement is much better. I just think that Mr. Riordan is capable of so much better than the work he produced here. For me Son Of Neptune is faaaaar better than this travesty.

Elizabeth Engstrom I do agree that this book could've been better and that ,yes, Son of Neptune was better than Mark Of Athena.

message 18: by Victoria (new)

Victoria I find the only problem with the series is Annabeth and Piper. In the original series, I loved her, she was so bad ass, but now I feel Riordan ruined her. She became emo, depressed and dependent on Percy. Same with Piper, she had so much potential! Them she started obsessing with Jason. so those are my thoughts

message 19: by Diashawn (new)

Diashawn Victoria is right. However, this was Rick best book when it comes to substance.

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