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Never Slow Dance With a Zombie by E. Van Lowe
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Jul 09, 2012

it was ok
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Reviewed at On a Book Bender.

You know when you're reading a book and you know it's supposed to be tongue in cheek and you try really hard to take it in that vein but it doesn't quite happen and you're staring in this kind of stupified trance through large portions of said book? Yeah, that happened to me. - pauses - I *know* that it's a allegory about high school and the lengths we'll go to the fit in and be liked but... I didn't like the main character until ​the very end​ and that was very distracting.

Let's start there, shall we? Margot was not a nice person. She's mean. She treats her best friend terribly when Sybil is nothing but supportive (in a vacant, not-quite-there way) of all of Margot's weirdness. Dude, I get that high school is cutthroat and vicious but Margot's sole aim is be the "It-Girl" of Salesian High and she acts - in the beginning of the book - pretty much exactly like the girls she loves to hate. The things she said to Sybil were downright hurtful and I kept wondering why ​Sybil​ was bothering to put up with it. Then there's the unobtainable jock that Margot is determined to have. Uhhh... okay. She really knows nothing about him, she doesn't even know if he knows her name before he gets zombified, and yet she's willing to risk her humanity to have him as her "boyfriend" once he is a zombie. I'm shaking my head over this, can you tell?

Meanwhile, there's another boy. This one isn't popular but he ​likes​ Margot. Do you guys want to know what I was thinking as I read that? WHY??? WHY DO YOU LIKE HER??? She's a terrible person who cuts down her best friend constantly and has very few redeeming characteristics. Part of me wanted Baron (Heee... I love that name) to end up with Margot because that's what he wanted and part of me was screaming at him to run in the other direction because Margot was not good enough for him. *le sigh*

I think my problem here was twofold. First off, I didn't like Margot until she realized the error of her ways and starting thinking of other people but herself. Secondly, the idea behind ​why​ they thought they could get away with pretending that the zombies were just normal kids was silly bordering on ridiculous. Really, I get that this book is poking fun at high school and the hoops that we'll jump through to be top dog but... it wasn't for me.

-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal

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