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Safeword Matte by Candace Blevins
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Jul 07, 12

really liked it
bookshelves: erotic-romance
Read from July 06 to 07, 2012

** spoiler alert ** 4.0 Stars!

The author herself was talking about this book and recommended it. Sam, (or Samantha) an attorney, who is in to marshal arts, is actually a masochist...and because of the disappointments in her love life has given up dating. She has dated men who might enjoy a one time spanking for experimentation sake...don't stray from their vanilla sexual tastes and can never fulfill her Kinky side.

She meets Ethan, at a fighting match, they are instantly attracted to one another and he pursues her immediately but she pushes him away. She tells him that it is not him...but that she just doesn't want to date right now. She doesn't tell him the real reason she is off dating right now is that it is just too embarrassing and disappointing when her boyfriends start to get close to her and realize that kinky side to her and do not share her interest. He is left to wonder.

She visits a BDSM club with her friends Vivian and Tyler and runs into Ethan there. Shocked, Surprised and thrilled that he is into this scene, their relationship takes off. They spend the weekend together and soon are spending every spare moment together. She is amazed that this gorgeous, considerate, sweet man is actually, a sadist. They seem to complement each other sexually and genuinely enjoy each others company outside of the bedroom. He is too good to be true, and after a short period of time they begin to fall in love with one another.

Ethan has also had disappointing relationships in the past where he was cheated on, screwed over and taken advantage of. He met Sam and was instantly attracted to her and actually pursued Sam, not knowing her masochist side hoping to slowly edge her towards the type of BDSM activities he enjoyed. He was thrilled to find that she not only enjoyed pain but had a desire for it. Sam is able to fulfill his needs like the "no talking" restriction he often puts on her or the "sex whenever I demand it" requirement and take the pain he dishes out. He also reserves the "stainless steel cane" for special "punishments."

Ethan is sensitive and caring. He also respects her need to put aside the D/s while she is in the public, at work, with family, friends and only insist on it in the bedroom. They both understand that their careers sometimes need to come first and are willing to compromise to make room for that.

What I enjoyed most about this couple is the genuine respect they have for each other. They negotiated everything in their life, not just their sex life and met each other half way. They had real communication and that communication style really helped to build a great relationship of mutual understanding. The author did not forget the little things that go on in a relationship and their care for one another shone through in the writing.

In so many BDSM fiction, Sadists & even Masochists are portrayed as angry, insensitive and on the edge...as if they are something to be avoided. I felt the author presented these two characters and the subject matter without making them outcasts or unusual. Instead they were two human beings who have a drive to deliver and experience physical pain...but that they were still enjoyed their life as we do...they are kind, respectful friends, sons, daughters, co-workers and lovers. In other words, they were not on the edge, they were just like you and I.

This was a nice book about a relationship which happens to include some kinky aspects to it. The way these two interacted and grew to care for each other was enough reason to read this. Even though the "pain" is the central theme of this short novel, the emotional connection these two enjoy is also a pleasure to read and the "physical" aspect of their relationship is an added bonus. Good Read!
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