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My Lady Mage by Alexis Morgan
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Jul 07, 2012

really liked it
Read in July, 2012

My Lady Mage is the first book in a new adventure for Alexis.. It is a fantasy romance.. so far there are three books in this series and I am not sure if it will end there or if it continues but I will say. If she follows the plot from this first book it will have a definite ending. This will not be a series that never ends.. think CL Wilson's Fading Land/Tairen Soul series.. or Karen Marie Moning's Fever series.. both had a battle to be won then the story ended. If they continue on from there it will be a new story.. and yes this belongs in my world building posts not this review.

Lady Merewin was determined to save her people. They have fallen under the fist of her evil, greedy uncle who has let envy destroy him. In her desperation she has found an ancient text that claims if the words are said correctly, in the correct place at the correct time and if the gods feel that her request has merit then they will send help. Merewin risks all to get to the correct place to even make her plea. Not sure if she even stands a chance, not even sure if she will survive the night or the "punishment" she will receive if discovered. And yet she must try.

Standing above the river, staring into the darkest spot.. on a moonlight night.. Merewin offers her request.. into the mist.. At first she is sure this will not work. That she is being foolish, that seriously how likely is this? But she believes in possibilities and even if the gods are not willing to offer their help they did allow her a hope. and so she thanks them for their time.. in that moment slowly from the depths of the darkest water, an sword appears and then the arm and body attached.. and then another and another until five men stand before her. Ready to serve.

Gideon, Kane, Duncan, Murdoch and Averil.. each with his own gift.. each damned for eternity to serve the gods. Together they have not failed and yet with each new task they dream that this one will be the one that saves their souls.. That redeems them. Gideon bears the burden of being their leader, being the friend that the others chose to stand beside.. when they offered their souls for redemption. He dreams not just of his redemption but also for the redemption of his men. A burden that could destroy a lesser man.

The Damned have been called many times over the centuries.. they did their jobs and then moved on. This time there was something more. A pull, a connection.. with not just Merewen but with her people. A willingness to fight not because it is what they were called to do but because it is the right thing to do.

Gideon and Merewen find themselves lost knowing that they have maybe three months before Gideon is recalled they struggle with the bond that has connected them. Should they give in to their desire or should they remain aloof? Should they consider this a gift from the gods or another torment of the damned?

Ms Morgan tells a wonderful story both the fantasy and the fallen. The only thing wrong with it is the fact that the next book doesn't come out until Spring of 2013. But don't let that stop you from enjoying a truly delightful story.


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Spacklefritz I've been looking for another fantasy-romance like tairen souls, and this seems like a safe bet, but do you know of anything similar?

Shauni Spacklefritz wrote: "I've been looking for another fantasy-romance like tairen souls, and this seems like a safe bet, but do you know of anything similar?"

You might want to consider Cinda Williams Chima Seven Realms Series. I was just thinking that, that series really captured me in the same way that CL Wilson's Tairen Souls did.

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