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Thirteen by Kelley Armstrong
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Aug 15, 2012

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bookshelves: fantasy-other-world, werewolf-shapeshifter, wizard-witch, vampire, women
Read from August 12 to 15, 2012

** spoiler alert ** Setting: prison cells, illegal laboratory, private jets, Cabal headquarters (east and west coast), hotel rooms,

Theme: tying loose ends, defeat evil, love

Supernatural Liberation Movement, under 17th century madman Gilles de Rais, is reeling with their foremost lab being blown up so he steps up his plans to make the world aware of supernaturals so that they can take their place as supreme leaders. Savannah et al are there to stop him.

Gilles de Rais, killed 50 children to power a spell of immortality, and has been experimenting to make a serum that will give immortality to others… a dna reconstruction using vampire, werewolf, and zombie dna… He is striking out in a week, gathering his flock to witness the conversion of rich, political targets.

Savannah Levine – accepting of the wisdom of being separated from her powers, to learn to rely on self, not magic (taken by demon Aratron)… but she is gaining access to some of her powers with practice. Now that Adam kissed her like a lover, and in the spite of the chaos, they find a few minutes to snap out a few feelings, to finally make love, to talk of a future… ahhhh… mostly they work together to locate Gilles and to counter his plans… they are arrested early on, and taken by Gilles paid sheriffs who find supernaturals , drug them and turn them over to Gilles for experimentation… but anti-Gilles (who is part of a group who are pushing for supernatural disasters to scare humans away from them) sorcerer, realizing Savannah & Jamie are in the jail shows up, and casts his spell to give a called Eve to corporeal form… giving Savannah and her mother a few days of working together… then in a Nast counter to Gilles catch Savannah and Adam and Eve in the middle, and Savannah is accused of treason – placed in a cell for awhile… brought to Nast for a sham trial (though Sean nast shows up to try and defend/protect her) but her grandfather Balaam shows up, kills grandfather Thomas Nast… then they contain a few targets (clued into targets by Adam’s demon father) who are given the drug, but they turn into violent werewolves – one killing (and eating) his wife and son… they gather where Gilles is for the final battle.
Adam Vasic – finally admitting to Savannah that he loves her (in spite of their age difference)… and he’s there helping / fighting in every way that he can.
Elena & Clay – protection at different phases… their twins are at the Russian pack to be safe… Elena is the alpha elect – and the story ends with a chess challenge from Jeremy that she is slanted to win – and she is the alpha, Clay the enforcer (as he was with his father)… the story nicely starts with the prologue of the Otherworld series of Elena, werewolf in the city, not yet ready to embrace all that she is and the one she loves…. And the story ends with her ahhhh.
Paige & Lucas Cortez – working from Cortez cabal headquarters trying to coordinate the rest into an effective offense… Paige not surprised Savannah and Adam’s changed relationship but Lucas is – and expresses his disappointment that they didn’t tell him up front.
Jamie & Jeremy – non-magical, elegant Jamie is right in there – bringing Savannah to safety after the explosion, fighting and hiding from children possessed demons… and Jeremy working behind the scenes – and with his ‘nose’ to find those lost.
Hope & Karl – Hope is 8 ½ months pregnant – and her visions are strong and making her crazy… Karl is manfully there to soothe her, protect her… Towards the end, Gilles kidnaps Hope (to use her and/or her baby) to snag Lucifer (her father) to come to his conference… Karl is shot (we think in the leg, head, and spine)… but only a graze on his head, and the bullet near is spine is most worrisome… but when they launch the rescue of Hope 8 hours later, Karl, with a cane and an unhappy Elaine insists on joining them, to be there for Hope when she is rescued… Hope thought Karl was dead, and she is waiting for a chance to do something… and does so when Savannah and Adam get in … and once all is over, she goes into labor, and has a beautiful baby girl…
Eve & Kristoff – both get a chance to be corporeal – Eve longer than Kristoff… they are fighting the demons in heaven/hell… they fight alongside Savannah… and Eve is so proud of Savannah, who is not a cookie cutter of her, but is her own witch… Kristoff gets to tell Savannah he loves her, and does not blame her for his death and to tell his son Sean how proud he is of him….
Benecio Cortez – following his son Adam’s lead, giving his resources for the fight… still trying to get Adam to step into his shoes, but accepting what Adam is willing to give him…
Sean & Bryce Nast – with the death of his father, Sean is stepping up to fight for head of Nast cabal (against his uncle) and to come out about his gayness… and he is doing all he can to save Bryce… Bryce is in and out of coma, the dna trying to change him… he partly shifts into a violent were… and he is slipping away…
Cassandra & Aaron – aiding where they can… and in the end, when the sacrifice of a vampire is required for the concoction (found in Gilles’ safe) antidote – Cassandra and then Aaron volunteer to be sacrificed – and wake up human…hmmmm
Lucifer, Balaam, Aratron, Asmondai – demons of different calibers… Lucifer is passive, and when Eve and Kristoff locate him in the end to try and get him to help Hope, he tells her he can’t, he has no offensive powers, and must trust in his and Eve’s daughter to get through it – as he watches them in a scrying pond… Balaam is the most disruptive of them, killing Thomas Nast as he is trying to break down the barriers between earth and hell… he takes the last 2 viles of Gilles’ formula in the end… and Savannah fights him with everything she’s got (getting a broken arm, cracked ribs, bloody mouth); Balaam does not want to kill Savannah, so he turns on Adam and Savannah calls up her powers to banish him – and both are surprised when she succeeds… Aratron – a neutral demon (though he did cause plagues, and justifies it by saying the world became more scientific, more santitary, etc as a result), he hid Savannah’s powers and encouraged her to develop other talents…. Asmondai, fire demon – Adam’s father… and he helps him where he can.

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