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Moonglow by Kristen Callihan
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Jul 06, 12

really liked it
Read in July, 2012

Daisy was ill treated by her husband, and you’d think his death would her rid of his evil but his words are still plaguing her. Getting involved in any kind of relationship, other than with her two sisters, is challenging and things get even worst when she witnesses a werewolf attack in an alley. Lord Northrup saved her in extremis, invading her life by the same occasion.

Moonglow is the sequel to Firelight, an historical re-tell of Beauty and the Beast with an original twist and it features Miranda’s sister, Daisy. I did not recognize any fables reading this second instalment, so I don’t think this one is a re-tell but I could be wrong. Either way, this book was just as great as the first one.

The story is all about Daisy trying to rebuild her confidence after years of darkness with her late husband, Lord Ian Ranulf coming back to life after his own shadowed past and their common quest to eliminate a werewolf terrorizing London with a series of murdered women.

Both Ian and Daisy have smart mouths and firework personalities which made for extremely entertaining and colourful dialogues. Daisy was a great character with a lot to learn about herself and while I cared for her, I thought she wasn’t as awesome as Ian. He was simply stunning and his wits left me speechless at times. His troubled past also contributed to his perfect tormented soul persona.

Callihan gratified us with an interesting lycan/werewolf lore where man and beast are in constant competition and once the wolf takes control, there is no going back. I loved this twist and the way the author played with it.

The plot itself was interesting and evolving at a pleasing pace. I never felt bored or rushed and I enjoyed every page. Kristen Callihan also had a couple of surprises in her pocket and I loved every single one.

The conclusion was satisfying, though bittersweet and I really though Daisy would go a totally different path then I she did. I wish I could tell you more about it, but I can’t without spoilers so I’ll have to leave it at that hehe.

I love Kristen’s writing because it’s true to my idea of the 16th century's speech and I loved Ian’s Scottish accent. There is also a quote I think sounds a lot like something Romeo would say to Juliet if he were Scottish, and it’s my favourite of the book:

“I would be a god with the power of your love. If I knew I had it.”
He touched her cheek. “But I cannot do it alone. I cannot bow and scrape for each scrap, hoping you’ll see what I see in us. I won’t have you by default.” A small smile lifted his mouth. “Ah, but if you gave it to me freely, I swear on my soul I wouldn’t let it go to waste. With everything I am, I’d give it back to you in return. I’d keep ye, love ye till my last breath, lass.”

Isn’t it swoon worthy?

If you like paranormal novels in an historical set up, I strongly suggest you pick up this series. It’s fabulously written, with stunning characters and has an healthy dose of passion and humour. Plus it has sexy males with accents, could you possibly ask for more?
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Anna (Bobs Her Hair) Definitely a swoon-worthy quote! Thanks! :o)

Ellie Your review totally sold me on this book! Can't wait until it's released! Thanks!

Tynga thanks ladies!

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